My Christmas Wish!

Many are dreaming of a White Christmas filled with toys and material things for boys and girls. Many hope they will have a job and a home this year, as stock markets tumble and free fall, in the worst stock market crash since 1931 in America. Why is it happening folks, simple, one word Trump, he is dumb enough to start a tariff war with China and other nations and now all Americans will suffer as we head into a recession. Nothing you or I can do fellow americans except go along for the ride and loses, we don’t have the signature to rescind the tariffs, only one an does, Trump.

That beside the point now, while all dream of a white, fun filled, present filled Christmas, and others struggle with paying for it, I dream of a Christmas where we all still survive. I am faced with a Christmas time where my biggest worry is not material things or what I get or even give, it is all about hoping the one I love can stay alive and live.

Cancer my friends doesn’t care about material things, holidays, or anything else, it just exists and destroys, in the most amazing ways possible.

Cancer is a killer and we all know it, an dmost ignore it, or walk away from it, till it reaches their family or themselves. Yet by the time it does folks it is too late, it has reached close to home, and is harder to fight. Radiation Treatments cost thousands a shot, chemo is a killer, poison yet needed to slow cancer or stop it, and it’s price will destroy any life, you have. The drug companies and Doctors know it, yet no one is doing anything to lower the cost of either as needed. Sadly, many families world wide, not just in America mind you are paying the high cost of a cancer battle, and losing in more ways than one.They in the end watch themselves or a loved one slowly fade from existence,as there savings go bye bye too. Cancer breaks people in more than one way folks, it doe sit physically, it does it mentally and it does it financially. If anyone should know it, it is the cancer victims and their families who try to keep them alive.

So, I am dreaming of a cure for Cancer of all kinds, a drug, a treatment anything that will kill cancer, without killing the person who has it. I dream this dream because of all the cancer that has surrounded me.

It all started for me many decades ago, when my grandfather died of pancreatic cancer in a nursing home at 71 years old. That was the beginning folks, it would be a little over a decade before it struck again, it hit in 1984, and took my real father at 55 years old. and the 1980s rolled on to the 1990s. 1990 Cancer raised it’s nasty head once more, my step-father the man who raised me, got it, was diagnosed in January and gone by October of 1990, prostate cancer got him. But while he was dying I was hit with more cancer news in June of the same year, There were four of us siblings left at the time one died young, we were all called to the Hospital by mom and her doctors. We met in a conference room and were told by her doctor mom was dying of cancer also, lung cancer. CIgarettes had gotten her too. By October of 1991, one year and one day after her husband went, mom went with him. She died in a bed in her daughters home.

Time would tell what would come next, I wasn’t there but I heard of it, through my daughters, sometime in the mid 90’s, my first wife had breast cancer, but overcame it too. But, cancer is a bitch and hangs on it seems it never fully disappears around me.

2006, my second wife was diagnosed with breast cancer too. we fought it in 2006 with chemo and radiation and even surgery to remove all her lymph nodes under her left arm. She went into remission for ten years. In the meantime, I myself was struck by cancer in 2013, yes it had found me too. I was put through a survey of Veteran’s at the Veterans Hospital who had family histories of cancer by my Doctor.

I received the call two days later when the Pet Scan was read, they found it in my right lung, a spot. On August 4th, 2013 I saw a surgeon at the Veterans Hospital who they brought in from Yale to do the procedure and remove the cancer. It was set up.

On September 4th, 2013, I underwent surgery at the Veterans Hospital, I had a lobe and one third of my right lung removed. I was at Fenway Park, Boston, Mass. on September 16th, 2013 to see my Red Sox, beat the Yankees! Sixteen days after surgery I was in Fenway, not bad huh!

2016, January, my wife’s cancer came back, she was diagnosed again, he breast cancer had returned and spread to her bones. We have been fighting it since, radiation, chemo, are primary for her now once a week, three weeks on one week off, depending on her calcium count she also gets a shot., Her ar blew up like three baseball bats tied together, so she suffered and we got her a therapist to bring it down. Fluid had no way to drain from the arm. Now we have her arm down to almost normal and she wears a sleeve and gauntlet on her left arm and hand. She hates it, but it keeps it down for her.

So, you can dream of a White Christmas all you wish, the children can dream of toys and you adults can dream of material things if you please. For me, I dream of a Christmas with the woman I love, and he still here and not being above. I dream of her smile even with her hair all gone, and I dream of our life carrying on.

Dream of your White Christmas if you will, dream of toys for each boy and girl, dream of the things you wish you can have, I dream of a Christmas of healthy not sad. I dream of a Christmas, where my wife and I survive, a Christmas where cancer will let us stay alive.

Fight Cancer Folks, Help in anyway you can!.

For one day, it may come and visit you or your family too!

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