Don’t you think it is time to stop the Trump Madness Train now?

It’s December 19th, 2018, we have a President who is now at the center of 17 investigations of one kind or another, his so called charity foundation wasa ruse used as a banking center for himself. It’s sad, now, we find out he actually signed a letter of intent to build a Trump Tower in Moscow too!.

As the Russia Investigation keeps rolling along and all the others get started, we will find just how much of a crook and phoney Donald Trump really is, it is all coming out folks.

Here is the part that does surprise me though, not all 17 Investigations or his signature on a letter on intent to build in Moscow, but that he put his own sons and daughter at stake in his little political game to get the Presidency. Why would any father, put his own siblings at stake, why do such a thing to your own flesh and blood, Donald?

As your so called Empire collapses, and falls apart around you, do you really think, just because your wear the Title President it protects you from the laws of the land? You should look up the Impeachments of Presidents Jackson, Nixon and Clinton, each were impeached for less than you, so you won’t escape, unless you get ill health and pass away, before they get to you.

As the pressures rise, the tension and stress will get to you, the Senate which will still be all Republican will probably block any attempt to Impeach you, so you will remain a Lame Duck President till the end of your term, you will not get your wall, as stated by Senator Schumer, and the new House Leader/ Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Your facts suck, you lie 24 or more times a day to the American public. The North Koreans, The Saudi Arabians, the Afghanistans , and Iranians and Iraqis all laugh at you daily.

The stock Market tumble 500 to 600 points a day, dropping us into a recession, due to your tariffs, and you still brag about the great economy you created, bullshit. Ford is laying off, General Motors is downsizing and laying off, jobs are going bye bye, and what’s coming back are not factory jobs or money making jobs, but service jobs, retail jobs, wake up America.

Farmers are being subsidized by the Government as their crop won’t sell there is no market for the food they produced due to you. So you give them a subsidy to cover part of their loses, it’s sad indeed.

Russia and Putin laugh at Trump daily, they know they have beaten the American system and controlled the Election and put a puppet in place in the White House. Yet The Republican led Senate, will just sit there and let Trump remain in office, why, simple they control the Senate and they will accept him, all because he is a Republican so to say. Mitch McConnell and his Republican Senate colleagues, will protect Trump till 2020, I can bet on that one. The only question is this why, would they do so, knowing how many laws he has broken? Sadly, the Republicans and McConnell, blindly protect and defend Trump, and in the end they are allowing him to destroy America from within, just as Putin planned when he backed Trump for the Presidency.

Look, I don’t pretend to know all the answers here, but I do know this much and this is according to all historians of the Presidency, Donald J. Trump has committed more crimes than any President in the History of America. So someone tell me, why is Donald J. Trump, still in office?

Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton all impeached and not one of them colluded with Russia, our biggest enemy! Not one dared to work with a foreign power and known enemy of America. Trump has and the proof is there. He also has Obstructed Justice, Abused his Power and so much more.

I ask all Americans and all Politicians specifically, why is Congress not acting to stop this madness that is Trump? Don’t you think it is time to stop the Trump Madness Train now?

One last thing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, hasn’t done her job correctly, in over a year, ten minutes Press Briefings is not being the Press Secretary! She sure as hell collects the full paycheck, but doesn’t do the full job! She should resign or be fired!

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