Trump is a Petulant Man-Child! Putin’s Puppet! Resign!

Petulant child acts out of an American President, who can’t get his way, is destroying America’s standing in the world, giving Russia what they want, and doing Putin’s bidding for him. President Trump’s withdrawing all troops from Syria is wrong, dangerous and shows his incompetence and inability to make decisions for the American people and the world. Never in American History has an American President, acted so carelessly, so selfishly, and so dangerously. I say this as an American Veteran who served 16 years, and I say it because it is true, while I love the idea of all these troops coming home, I hate the idea of what Isis will do next. Syria is now going to be a vacuum, into which Isis will flow, and take over and ultimately, reconstitute itself, and more than likely kill off Assad and his reign. In the end Isis will more then likely become their own little country/ state, and that will give them a base to build from in the Middle East.

Trump’s inability to accept truths, and advice from his advisors and own senior administration officials is sad, and dangerous. He did the same thing with the tariffs and now the stock market has tanks back to the 1933 levels. He is slowly doing Putin’s bidding, and Hillary was right he is Putin’s Puppet.

Whenever he doesn’t like something happening in his life, like the Russia Investigation, Cohen turning on him, Flynn being told come back after you talk more, or you may go to prison, he acts out like an angry, petulant child and makes rash decisions that will now affect America, Syria, Yemen and the world of the Middle East. No concern or care, just we were only there during my Presidency to get the land back, we did now we are out. Sad! No forethought or idea what the results, or future will mean to the Syrians.

I know your angry Donald with Mueller’s Russia Investigation, I know your upset they are working up the chain to you and are shutting down your Organizations and Charity, but you shouldn’t be using donated money to buy portraits of yourself, should you? Your Son Eric shouldn’t be making donations to charities in his name using the money from your Charity Foundation should he, nope!

Andrew Johnson was Impeached first, because he fired Lincoln’s Secretary or War Stanton, Richard Nixon was Impeached for Watergate and the Break-ins, Bill Clinton was Impeached for taking advantage of an Intern who was in her 20’s, and having sex with her in the White House and then lying about it.

President Trump has destroyed America, he has obstructed Justice, Colluded with Russia to get the American Presidency, he lies on the average of 24 times a day to the American people. His Tariffs are killing our relationships with Canada, Mexico, and Europe, including Great Britain. Why would an American President do such things, easy, he is working with Putin and Russia to take America down a notch. He is playing right into Russian Hands with everything he is doing!

Well Donald America will survive you and your Presidency one way or another I am sure, we are if nothing else a resilient people. My question is will you survive what is coming for you? The way I see it, Mike Flynn is going down, Michael Cohen went down, Papadopoulos went down, lots more will be indicted soon I am sure, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump Jr., your Charity Foundation is now dead too, and you put your sons and daughter up for charges, and destroyed them too. Who’s next Donald, Melania and Baron? I bet they are worried now too.

You can continue to hang on if you wish Donald, but, the longer you do, the worse it will get for all around you. Here is a question for you to think about Donald J. Trump, How far will you go to stay in the White House and Presidency and how many lives will you ruin in your own family and of your supporters, before you decide to Resign?

You can point your finger, you can deflect, avoid, defend, and more, but in the end, Roger Stone will fall, Jerome Corsi will fall, Donald Trump Jr. will fall, Ivanka will fall and so will Jared Kushner. Your inner circle of family and friends are disappearing Donald, you want to save some, Resign!

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