Democrats take it to the American Public and force a Resignation!

The recent display of lack of knowledge, lack of respect, lack of caring, and lack of empathy and morals by Donald J. Trump is outright nasty and worthless, like his Presidency. He is a petulant man-child, throwing temper tantrums to get his way and Congress is letting him do it!

Donald or as some like to call him “The Donald” has no idea what he is doing!. You can’t remove troops from war zones, like Syria and Afghanistan, without leaving a vacuum for Isis to move into. This man does not understand these terrorist are not defeated, they are hiding and just waiting for a chance to come back and now will, as soon as we withdraw. Secretary James Mattis was the only thing standing between Trump’s make believe world of world leadership and reality, now we shall see Trump’s World come forward and America and the world will pay the price for a megalomaniac, narcissistic, fool running rampant in the world and doing as he pleases.

The” Donald” is a man with no vision, no idea what the world is or what it can do, but America and mankind will now pay for his mistakes and misdeeds under Putin’s direction. Putin is smiling and praising Trump for these moves, of troop withdrawals, of course he is, it is just what he wanted in the first place. Now , Putin can take over in Syria and Afghanistan whenever he wishes with nothing to block him and so can Isis!

Now, in order to prevent a shut down, the house had to pass a bill for 5.7 billion for his wall, or let the country suffer. It’s sad and if it goes through the Senate and gets to his desk it will be a sad day in hell, if it gets signed. He is a petulant man-child trying to run a country and get his way all the time. For Congress to give it to him is stupid, we need a border wall to maintain and patrol like we need hemorrhoids without preparation H! It’s worthless, Mexicans will go under or around or over it anyway, I hope the House included a way to track every penny in this so called 5.7 billion for this wall, otherwise Trump will find a way to steal it.

We are now 10 days from the end of 2018, in about two weeks the Democrats are taking over in the House, Paul Ryan will be gone. The Senate will remain in control of the Republicans and no one can change it either. So, if the House gives Trump his money for the border wall now, does he really think the Democrats are going to let him keep it? I doubt it, they will fight and block every penny along the way, I guarantee it with onions on it as a friend of mine once said.

My only question is how fast and strong, the Democrats will come after Trump, after the New Year and what will happen next? First the Democrats will have to move to remove Acting Attorney General Whitaker, he is in there illegally and refuses to recuse himself from the Russia Investigation, which means Trump put him there to shut Mueller down. Will Congress allow that to happen?

Who will replace Mattis as Secretary of Defense, no interim appointment will work here Trump, who ever it is will have to be approved and vetted by Congress, both the House and Senate.

I hope Congress and Robert Mueller are smart enough to see what you are trying to do here Donald, you want Whitaker, to block Mueller’s Investigation from finishing or prevent it’s public release. I get it. To Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, I have this advice to give now, when you release your Russian Investigation Report make many copies, send one to the Attorney General, one to the press, and news agencies, worldwide and make sure all goes public before Whitaker gets it. If you don’t, Whitaker and Trump will block it from public and Congressional view. Send it to the Press and Congress first, then send it to the Justice Department and hold back copies for the public records and historic reasons.

Trump is not pulling any punches now folks, he is destroying America’s stance in the world economically, leadership wise, morally and ethically. He is abandoning our allies in key war zones that will benefit Putin and Russia.

How much more will the Senate and Republicans allow him to do? How far will both the Senate and House allow this man to destroy before they react and take action, please tell us! What will it take for the Republicans to see what is going on, and to react and stop this man? Sadly, I don’t know, I really don’t but, I hope Mueller before he is done, indicts, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Ivanka Trump, Don Trump Jr. and Eric Trump too. I hope he also gets Jared Kushner for acting as a Representative of the American Government and people without security clearances and the people’s permission, behind the scenes before and after the election of 2016.

Again I will say this and all should listen closely, Andrew Johnson was impeached for firing the Secretary of War Stanton. Richard Nixon was impeached for Watergate, and the burglaries and lying, Bill Clinton was impeached for Whitewater, and the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and having sex with an intern and lying about it.

I suggest now and here, Donald, J. Trump should be Impeached, in the House first, and the Articles immediately drawn up now, impeach him fully in the House and then if the Senate and Republicans won’t go along ,take it to the American Public and force a Resignation. This man is running amok in the Presidency of The United States and has his finger on the Nuke Button Folks! Should we let it be, or remove him in anyway we can, you tell me?

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