This is what Trump needs and should have done to him!

I am a 62 year old man who has survived Lung Cancer, 16 Years of Service, PTSD, from both the service and childhood, and I have kept my wife alive since 2006, who has breast cancer.

For all you political people it means struggle, fighting and surviving just so you know.

My Dad didn’t leave me sixteen million to blow like Trump’s did. I only live on Social Security and Disability from the military and medicare and medicaid pays for my wife’s chemo treatments.

Someone please explain to me, why you politicians are allowing a billionaire, to be President who has no common sense, no empathy, no morals and is siphoning funds away from his own charity organizations to buy pictures of himself? Explain to me why our Government is currently shut down and over 8,000 government workers, veterans and others will have to suffer, because a narcissistic, unfeeling,man who has no empathy for anyone but himself, is being a pathetic, man child, who has no brains or balls and getting away with it? Explain please now!

Explain why we need a border wall or fence against the Mexicans, when we have lived for 242 years without one and controlled our borders just fine. Explain why the Mexicans or others won’t just dig under, go over or around said wall and still get here? Did anyone tell Trump of all of El Chapos Tunnels, his boats and cartel used to get drugs here in the past? Is he that stupid he really believe this medieval piece of shit fence will stop the mexicans or anyone else? Don’t give him his five billion for the wall, leave the Government shutdown as long as he wants to, we the citizens can handle it, we always do.

You want to work on something, get Disabled Vets more help, get the homeless off our streets, feed the hungry, get a healthcare package together that will work for all americans. Go north talk to the Canadians, about their health care system, and adopt it for America, making the necessary changes to make it work here.

Do something constructive for all Americans and let the ” Donald” rant and rave and scream and cry like the baby he is, in the White House. Protect Mueller and the Russia Investigation, let Mueller nail Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka and Eric and Jared Kushner too. If Mueller does that, Trump will erupt and go crazy, his children are at stake due to him anyway, make him pay the price for all he did. Prove the Collusion and try his ass for Treason when he gets out of office. Prove the Obstruction or Justice, Misuse of Power and more, but don’t impeach him, let him just wave in the wind and see all of his helpers go down one by one.

No Wall, Block it!, Protect Mueller!, Prove Collusion, Prove Obstruction, prove Misuse of Power, Prove High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Then take him down, when his term is over and imprison his ass, he deserves it, he is a traitor to America. Colluding with Russia, is working with the enemy, it’s a treasonist act, Benedict Arnold did it with England and Trump had the guts and balls to do it now with Putin and Russia. What do you think President George Washington would do with Trump, or any of the forefathers of America, they would have tried and convicted him and forced him out to go live with his colluding friends. This is what Trump needs and should have done to him!

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