So as Santa flies around the world, on his sleigh and with bells, dropping presents you see, one lonely, petulant manchild, hides in the White House.

There is a silence in Washington, the capital lights are out, no Senators or Congressmen running about.

Over eight thousand workers are without pay now and the president doesn’t care.

All Trump wants for christmas, is a Border wall you see,

He threw his tantrum and cries his words and asks for money you see,

The Senators and House all say, no money for your wall today or any day! So he cancels his trip to Florida for the Holiday Season you see, and his shutdown began, but to you and me, he is no friend.

Border Guards on the border he wants to build a wall on, will be without any pay, working to protect our land and not in the right way.

So Christmas Time will find us, with a petulant manchild in the White House, crying for money for a wall you see, that would be circumvented anyway and stop nothing is what I say.

January 3rd is coming, The Democratic House will be in play, 40 seats changed hands you see, and the Democrats will keep us free.

The Hearings will start and investigations, the battles will be big,

The man in the White House will be alone, why because he’s a petulant manchild and a pig. He attacked 16 women and has been accused, he fails at everything thing he does, and all he does is lose.

So Christmas Time will find me, watching CNN news, as the President sits in the White House and stews and stews and stewssssssssssssssss.

He won’t get his billions to build a wall or fence, and he will be forced to stay in office, unless he resigns and gives it to Pence, no Offense.

For if Pence takes over, the country will probably be worse, and that is more than likely why Trump won’t be Impeached, because Pence hurts worseeeeeeeee.

Danger calls are out, and Santa is quiet you see, he has a bag of coal to deliver to the Trump family!

So, Christmas time will find me. Laughing at Trump you see, watching the Russia Investigation, pull in all they can along the way. Corsi will fall, and Stone, then the fun begins as Donald Jr., Ivanka and Jared. and Eric get indicted too, believe me!

Trump will sit with the Pardon papers, and a pen in one hand, wondering if he should pardon his kids and go down in flames, for just look at the names, There be Donald Jr. and Ivanka you see, and Eric and Jared, either in jail or pardoned by he. The ultimate choice Trump will be forced to make, is try to pardon them all and leave in disgrace, or watch them all go to prison.

Christmas Time is here, and if Trump’s children fall, Trump will cry and complain you see, but he will pardon them, so they will be free. But, in the end to save them all he will have to drop the ball, resign the Presidency!

The only question I see, is, will Trump save his kids or have them pay for his mistakes and his colluding, obstructing and misuse of power and lies, you tell me. Only time shall tell, as the lights are out in Washington, and now Trump is finding it isn’t much fun!

So as Santa flies around the world, on his sleigh and with bells, dropping presents you see, one lonely, petulant manchild, hides in the White House. Behind the Christmas tree, and hopes that in the end, he will keep his children free, and not lose his Presidency!

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