Merry Christmas to ALL

I just want to say from me to you, or whoever reads this too, May Your Christmas be filled with Family and Friends, may laughter and joy keep coming till the Holiday ends and more.

May Santa bring gifts and hugs and kisses, may husbands all stay in love with their MRS. May the wife’s and mothers enjoy those they love and may Jesus and God Look Down on you from above. May, your Christmas Season be filled with all the joy in the world, and may we all remember, to give and care, it is what it is all about, to care!

As The Christmas trees are lit and the star lites go brite, and the white snow falls and cleanses us all, may we prepare for a new year in a great way. Smiles and Laughter help, so does the memory of those we have lost, never forget from whence you came, stand proud, stand tall and be brave. Life has a reason for you you see, for we are all part of God’s Family.

Christmas time is a time for giving, to see faces shine bright, it leads us into a New Year Eves, and Wishing us all a fresh start. So keep the hopes Alive folks, make the season bright, and come New Years Eve when the big ball drops, remember the new comes and the old goes past, and to start well, and not too fast.

So, From me to ALL out there, from myself and my cancer stricken wife, and my surviving cancer myself too, Each day is precious, each breath important, each person you touch is too. remember no matter, who you are or where, there is always someone thinking of you!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!

William”Mark” McCurrach and Melinda McCurrach December 24th, 2018

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