Christmas Morning Post!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning is here, children awaken, and you can hear them cheer!

They jump out of bed, they run downstairs, they check the presents and yell with cheer!

They poke each present, they shake them you see, asking if they are for them, you or me!

Each has a dream of what they want most, some want toys, some want clothes, some want money too,

But then there are some you see, that want what Santa or Money can’t buy,

A healthy mother, a healthy father. A family of siblings full of love and health,

Simple things like a hug, a kiss, a look of caring and sharing, can go so far,

For in the end, that’s all man had, for the baby under the Shining Star!

Yes, Christmas Morning has arrived, a day for all to see,

Jesus died to save us all, and gave us love and hope to cherish,

Even, peace you see for at least a time,

Yes remember, it’s all about love and peace and joy.

For every girl and boy!

Yes, Christmas Morning has arrived, say good morning and be thankful all survived.

Say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and be cheerful and gay,

For all, Christmas is a special day!

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