Global Warming/ Climate Change

Christmas Day has gone by, the Season is still with us of course until, New years Day Passes by. All will be festive and gay, laughing and smiling, along the way. I want all to stay that way, everyday if we could, yet the facts say we must return to the normalcy, of the world and here at home.

Reality sets in fast once the holidays pass, the wars don’t disappear, the battles will be fought, and some will win and some will lose, but that is life on earth. mankind is far from perfect you see, we destroy our own world and we cannot see , the damages of fossil fuel, the emissions into our atmosphere and the changes they make are gradual, but they are building up. Our air is changing, the numbers and percentages of the mixture will change. Trees are being cut down left and right, they produce the oxygen we need to breath and stay alive and no one thinks twice.

Emissions fly into the air every time an automobile of one kind or another starts, and carbon dioxide fills the air. More and more are buying cars each day, used and new, driving is still a passtime and fun on Sundays for many.

Plastic bottles and bags and caps are filling our oceans and our lands, we say and preach recycle, but few really do. Piles and piles of plastic all around, and to recycle it all it has to be melted down. More fumes, more gases hit the air, and it seems no one seems to care.Listen people, listen to me, we all have children somewhere, at least most do. Offspring from all of us, populate a planet that is now over populated by humans and we are growing in numbers. Our hormones rage as do the pheromones too, and wham, suddenly a child is born, whether on purpose or by chance. The Human population grows each year by astounding numbers. More mouths to feed, and the food is disappearing, the output of farming is smaller, as the weather cycles change too. Does anyone realize what we are doing to ourselves and our only planet that sustains humanity?

Mankind is the only one that can save itself, the planet just reacts to us, and we keep stripping it of all that is needed to sustain it.

Mankind, humanity thinks, ok we can go to Mars or some other planet, colonize it and survive there, sadly we really can’t as of yet or we would have already. Yes I have seen science fiction and scientist, telling us we can go to Mars or some other planet to survive, and make a new home, maybe if we improve our tech and our lifespans here first.

We would have to create an atmosphere on Mars, and a gravity, we would have to find a way to grow trees and plants that emit oxygen. otherwise no mankind. Do we know how to do all of that yet and if we do what is the cost and time it will take to do so?

Humanity as a whole is in trouble and i know many will say, I am crazy, I don’t know what I am talking about, and more, but in the end, as the trees burn and get cut down, even sunny California is becoming a hollow ground

California is just one example. The African Rain Forest was cut back destroying oxygen making plants, we need and no one stopped it either. Stop, Look, listen, pay attention to the planet you live on, the weather is changing, the climate is changing the storms, hurricanes,tornados, and more occur more often. It’s Mother Earth telling us to stop ravaging it, it the planet telling us we are killing it and destroying the atmosphere, air and water we need to survive. We should, stop, listen and change all we do, for in the end it will affect me and you and what of our children, grandchildren and theirs too, how many generations are left for each of us, before mother earth can’t sustain us no more? Tell me Humanity, I don’t care what color, nationality, you be, if you are human you should listen to me! I am old enough I watched the world change around me, modern changes happen every day. Some at extreme costs to humanity and the animals on the planet too. I remember Television Antennas, I remember kites, I remember Ice Cream Trucks, and parks with swings and many other great and wonderful things. But, will our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and theirs too, be here and have a home, or will mankind kill the planet that sustains, and themselves off too? You Tell me folks!

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