I call em as I see em, and this one, Number 45 is one hell of a foul ball!

For me, 2018 has been my 62nd year of my life going by. Soon enough I will turn 63 in 2019 and a New Year will begin. I have lived through presidents all the way back to Eisenhower and never once have I seen a mess like the one we currently have in Washington, Dc. and in The Oval Office. Even Richard Nixon with Watergate and the Break-ins, was not as bad as Donald Trump and his colluding with Russia to get the Oval Office! It’s been a sad two years since Donald Trump became President.

He swore to bring jobs to America he hasn’t, he tried to make a deal with North Korea and Kim Jung Un is laughing at him, he is now pulling troops from Syria and Afghanistan just as Putin wants, sad. For the first time in American History an American President went to the United Nations to speak, and got laughed at by the world, sad indeed. The stock market tanks and he blames the Fed Chairman, if he stops his tariffs, it may come back, but he won’t admit he is wrong.

He demands America build a wall on the Southern Border, said the Mexicans will pay for the wall, then when Mexico said no, he now asks the American Taxpayer to pay for a wall we don’t need. We have lived as a country for 242 years without a wall on the southern border and none on the northern border either, we don’t need a wall. We don’t need Trump slapping tariffs on our allies either, including Canada, Mexico and England and others yet he did so anyway. He knows more than everyone else right, if so why is the stock market tanking and our allies mad at us? Look some will call me a liberal bastard and have already called me names, because I speak out against Trump and his ways and actions, for in the end they and he are destroying America from within.

Putin tells Trump what to do and it gets done why? Putin warned Trump don’t interfere in certain things now, and Trump lets him say it.

We have an American President whose father paid a Doctor to report he had bone spurs in his feet to avoid being drafted, that is sad for sure. His daddy protected him, just like he left him 16 million to live on and build from. The Trump lies are being exposed left and right folks.

Russia Colluding with Trump and vice versa so to say has been going on for decades. Trump wanted to build in Russia, a Trump Tower for Putin to live in. Sad, isn’t it?

The Russian connections are strong, Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, The Trump Tower Meeting, including Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Russian Agents, the Oval Office, and Trump telling the Russians he had to fire James Comey because the man was mad. What a sad, sad President for sure.

You can count how many have left the Trump Administration if you wish, but no Administration has had a bigger turn over ever in american history. The numbers and names are staggering. Why do you think that is?

As 2018 rolls to an ending with the Government shutdown, and Americans out of work and not getting paychecks and America’s debt growing at absorbent rates of interest and our bills not being paid, is this really what we need to continue.?

Donald John Trump, is a petulant, narcissistic, man-child and puppet of Putin! He is destroying America from inside at Putin’s direction and gameplan. Slowly our position as a world power has declined under him, and our place on the national stage politically and financially has crumbled. The recent resignation of James Mattis as Secretary of State damages our military might and leads us without a vetted and approved Secretary of Defense, Trump has no Chief of Staff that is a temporary too as well as an Acting Attorney General, anyone wondering why yet?

All who have left the White House and the current Administration know the same thing, Trump is a petulant, narcissistic Man-Child, who wants it his way and will not compromise for the good of the nation and its people. The longer he cries and bitches and moans about not getting the wall, the deeper in debt the United States goes, and both sides know it. Trump likes to bad mouth Obama, and call him names and blame him for a lot of things he never did, the truth is, Trump couldn’t kiss a pimple on Barack Obama’s ass, he will never measure up as a President.

Forty Five Presidents we have had, out of those three Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were Impeached, for different reasons. Not a one did anything as wrong or illegal or against the Constitution of America more than Donald Trump. Donald Trump should be Impeached for Misuse of Power, Obstruction of Justice, Colluding with Russia( Treason), Breaking the Emolument Clause and so much more.

Donald John Trump deserves removal and banishment from the United States, he is nothing more than a second Benedict Arnold, who has sold us out to Russia and Putin. Donald Trump Jr. lied to Congress, Roger Stone must go down, Jerome Corsi must go down,Jared Kushner must go down, he is operating without an approved security clearance, Ivanka Trump Kushner must be tried for her illegal emails also.

These people had the nerve to run around and yell LOCK HER UP, about Hillary Clinton, and I agree, Mrs. Clinton was not perfect, but she didn’t Collude with Russia, Obstruct Justice, Misuse Power,Destroy the American Economy, kill Obamacare and not replace it, kill the stock market by tariffing other nations to hell, Donald J. Trump did. Trump promised jobs none have come either, companies are going under look at Ford’s layoff;s General Motors shutdowns, and more. Tell me where the jobs are please, if you can! The Stock Market has plunge all that was gained over Obama’s eight years down the tubes, in one big tariff sweep by Trump. Sad. Even The Farmers are paying, for they are being supplemented by Uncle Sam, and food is being wasted.

American’s had prosperity, we had money, we had prestige, stature and standing in the world. Today we are laughed at by others, ignored when we speak and abandoning our allies and friends, without reason too. Russia wants us out of Syria, and Afghanistan, not the people of these countries, and they all know they will lose ground to ISIS and other terrorist nations quickly once we are gone. Trump can’t see that, and doesn’t care. Terrorist will rise again soon enough now.

I am not a liberal folks, I am not a die-hard democrat, I am an independent, my views are what I believe is right for America, for I served this great nation for 16 years in the Service and gave my life and health to defend and protect the United States of America. I believe fully in the form of country and nation we are, with all the freedoms we have also. So if someone calls me a liberal I laugh, if someone calls me a conservative I laugh, for I tell them all the same, I call em as I see em, and this one, Number 45 is one hell of a foul ball!

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