What would you do? Force the Issue make him Resign!

We have six days till the Democrats take over the House Majority, Trump must by now understand there will be no financing his wall, between the US and Mexico. If he doesn’t understand or get it yet, he soon will, the Democrats will only give him so much for border security, and they will earmark, it and watch how it is spent. No way will they just give him five billion and say have fun building your wall, which will protect no one or nothing anyway, the Mexicans have dug under, tunnelled. gone around and over any walls in their way and will continue to, no matter how high or deep you build it. You want security add Border Security Personnel, add Beams and scanners and monitors to scope it all out and make sure. Then add, dogs and security guards to walk them in places you can’t monitor. Now that would do a security border problem well, not a wall.

Russia is making new missiles and technology, at higher speeds and power to aim at America and other countries. We need to either stop them, which I doubt we can, or develop quickly ways to take the missle down, we can’t allow Russia to use those missiles against us or anyone else. I suggest we develop, a laser beam from a space station, that can track it when launched and immediately explode it in the air.

Next problem, Trump himself! President Trump had daddy pay his way out of the draft and dodged it, five times, paying Doctors to give him a pink slip for bone spurs in his feet. It was a lie and proves Trump himself is a liar. He got 16 million when he got old enough to build an empire on, he has committed bankruptcy now at least four times and came back from it. He lied about the measly million daddy left him didn’t he?

On an average day as President of the United States Trump has lied to the american people at least two dozen times. His Press Secretary who kisses his ass and kowtows to him, can’t hold a decent press conference for questions and answers longer than 30 minutes on average, that’s sad.

He has Obstructed Justice, colluded with the Russia’s, and misused powers of the Presidency, has fired so many people it’s not silly anymore. We have an Acting Attorney General, an Acting Secretary of Defense, and an acting Chief of Staff in the White House. Not a one has been approved or vetted by The U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives, so all three are illegal under the Constitution, and American Laws. Something has to change and fast.

Tell me my fellow Americans, how far are you and I, to let this President go, before we take him down? How much further do we need to watch America slip in the world as a power, in status and standing and in debt? How much more must we see our might be diminished also? Our economic status and position sinks lower each day due to his tariffs, the stock market crashes 500 points a day, and yet no Republicans have the guts to stand up in the Senate and say enough? Why?

In six days, the Democrats will take over the House, the new Senate comes in, which again will be Republican. The scales will balance more and times will get a lot rougher and tougher for the President. The Investigations into his tax returns will start, as well as all Trump Organizations, the Democrats can hit. Trump’s legal struggles and problems will multiply a hundred fold I guarantee it, like an old friend of mine use to say, with onions on top!

Mueller is getting ready to cap his Russia Investigation, and Trump believes his Acting attorney general will block the reports and results of Mueller’s Investigation from becoming public, I doubt it. The Democrats won’t allow it, and neither will Mueller or his Assistants or others. The end result will be what Trump has for along time feared, the truth will hit the public hard and fast. His greatest fears will come true when it happens, and it is far too late to stop it, america is waiting for Mueller to drop the shoe now and won’t be denied.

Donald Trump is a phoney, and a petulant man child, narcissist, and a born liar. He has been from day one, and many fools believe he is a money making job creator, that why they voted for him. The truth is daddy made his money and gave it to him.

As of today, he is pulling troops from Syria and more than likely Afghanistan, against all advice from military assistants and Generals who know better than he. Syria and Afghanistan will be left with vacuums into which Isis and other terrorist groups will pour into and take over as fast as they can, and it will create threats to our allies in the Middle East and for us here at home. Trump hasn’t made a correct decision since he has been in office.

Look I know some will call me a liberal bleeding heart, some will say I am a die hard democrat, I don’t care. If your an adult in America and you have children who are in the Military, I served too for 16 years and gave my health for this country. Yet, I know that america can not just abandon these nations and people, and let them go under to terrorist organizations, and no one pays a price, some will. Sadly, it will be our allies, and us who do pay the price when they attack us once again.

You can say what you wish about the prior forty four Presidents of America, call em liberals, assholes or stupid, or whatever you wish, in the end, they had balls and brains enough not to abandon our allies, or hit them with tariffs!. Forty Four our Presidents we have had prior to Trump and if you look only three others were Impeached each for different reasons.

  1. Andrew Johnson, He was Impeached for firing Staton the Secretary of War under his Predecessor Lincoln or trying to at least.
  2. Richard, M. Nixon- Watergate Burglaries/ Break-ins. All understood what he did! So he was forced to Resign
  3. 3) William J. Clinton- Whitewater, Lewinsky scandal and lying to the American People. Miss Lewinsky by the way was of legal age and knew what she was doing.

I point these out for a reason, the charges that President Donald John Trump could be Impeached for outnumber any of the above and are worse in criminal activity than any of them.

  1. Collusion with Russia/ AKA Treason, No President can collude and work with another nation to win the Presidency. Money Proves it, Connections prove it and more
  2. Misuse of Power- Explains itself really, he does it all the time.Just look at the firings and Temporary Hires.
  3. Obstruction of Justice, He Obstructed when he told Comey, take it easy on Michael Flynn, period. Then he fired Attorney General Sessions and Sally Yates too, Put into place an Acting Attorney General, Acting Chief of Staff and Acting Secretary of Defense, without Congressional Vetting, or Approval.
  4. Wrecked the United States position in the world in more ways than one, economically, politically and militarily. Weakened us.
  5. Lied continually to the American People and still does today.
  6. The Trump Tower Meeting, his representatives at that meeting included Jared Kushner and his son Donald Trump Jr., Donald Jr. called an unlisted number before and after the meeting guess who’s it was?

Here is what I am saying folks and that is not all of the possible charges or Articles of Impeachment that can be brought against Donald John Trump. The fact is this he is destroying America from within at the direction of Putin and Russian and he is a puppet, put in place by Putin. The Election shows simply put Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 300 million votes. Russian rubles were used to buy the electoral votes needed by Putin and Trump. That’s why we ended up with Trump, sadly.

Read the facts, listen to the news, study it all and you will see I am correct. The Fact the Republicans will protect Trump until 2020 is sad, but they will. The best the Democrats can do is work on Americans problems for the American People, healthcare, social security, medicare, medicaid, education and jobs. What would I do if I were the Democrats, I would deny Trump his wall and his five billion at all cost. I would block any effort on Trump’s part to demoralize or damage America’s reputation and standing in the world. I would than, let Trump dangle like a weak leaf on a tree ready to fall, as a useless item, and cry all he wants, but give him nothing, the Senate can’t approve alone. In the end if the democrats are smart, they will write the Articles of Impeachment, specify the charges under the laws, in black and white, present those charges to the Justice Department, the American People all at the exact same time making them public. Then, I would get a coalition together and march right to Trump’s desk and tell him, here are the Articles of Impeachment, the american people will have them shortly and the Justice Department, You can resign now, and save face and your family, or face what comes next, just like they did to Nixon.

Would Trump Resign and leave or would he sit and fight and lose eventually, watching his own children go down, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric and Jared Kushner too. What would you do? Force the Issue make him Resign!

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