Isn’t life all about the effort and trying anyway?

I grew up reading Comic Books, and then went on to reading many authors, like Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown, Stephen King and more. Books and comic books became my world, for many years, it was a make believe world of fun, adventure and superheroes of all kinds. Each author or creator or writer or artist had their own heros or hero to push forward and grow.

I grew up loving first DC Comics because of Superman, and Batman, and the Legion of Superheroes, then Green Lantern came along for me and finally the Flash. All products of DC Comics and I had a friend growing up who collected DC Comics, so I read all of em from the 1960s, practically.

I went on to Marvel Comics, Daredevil, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, and then the X-men and Avengers. All heroes in comics that protected the good and saved the world billions of times over and over. COmic books, which many parents knock when they see their kids reading them or looking at them have been around forever in one form or another. They encourage the imagination, they encourage reading and ultimately for many writing and drawing. At one time I had a collection of comics that filled a dresser or twos, drawers, and kept them, because i knew they would be worth something one day. Artists and storytellers and editors and inkers all die like we all do, and when they do their work becomes collectibles.

The Great Comic Book Creator of Marvel Comics died recently here in 2018. The man had an imagination that brought so many characters to life in comics and movies now too. His imagination was boundless, heros who could stretch, heroes with superhuman strength, some who could turn invisible, some who can light on fire. Then one sin suits of armor and others with weapons of the gods or Gods who escaped to the mortal plane. I tell you the imaginative mind and creations of Stan Lee will live forever, list them yourself and you shall see.

Ironman, Daredevil, Hulk, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, Wolverine, so many they are hard to remember sometimes, Captain America and Captain Marvel, and villains left and right too. Today, comic book heroes are everywhere, children and adults dream and daydream of them and of being them. As a kid I used to dream of being Green Lantern from the DC Universe, then I grew older I realized, marvel was the more serious comic, with a darker side to them, Spider Man jumped out at me as did Doctor Strange and the Black Panther. The Avengers became huge to me as did many others. Amazingly, the biggest movies today are of Superheroes and they all belong to Stan Lee and Marvel Comics. Stan Lee may have been a story writer and artist, but he also was a dream maker for many, and he took all of us who read his comics, looked at his art, and collected it, to a magical world of movies and characters we can never forget.

Robert Ludlum did the same with Jason Bourne, his super spy, who survived who knows how many scrapes and fights and battles to disappear and then reappear again and again. Dan Brown has his too in his Professor he uses played by Tom Hanks, each man centred on one character, who he keeps bringing back time and again to solve impossible missions, or impossible mysteries.

These are a few of my reading pleasures folks,if i want a good book, I can always go find a biography beyond measure also. So many writers study their subject, collect data and information on their subjects and then put together the stories of the famous or not so famous too. History affected me as I grew up myself. I lived through some of the most important parts of world and American History as I studied the earlier areas too.

I was alive and young, I was born 1956, when John F. Kennedy was shot and assassinated. I watched it on television that year, in school, because a teacher had brought her television in for all of us to see him go to Dallas. The mystery of his death, and the many theories behind it grew from that one day, I saw on television happen before my eyes. 1956 to 1963, I was young, impressionable, and unknown to anyone passionate about all I saw. A seven year old child, take sit all in and gets mesmerized by it all and tries to figure it out himself. I would read all I could about Kennedy’s Assassination, who were all the people involved, Kennedys, Oswald, Ruby, The Mob Bosses, the girlfriends, the successors and more. So many theories on how he died, why he died and who was responsible, the investigations themself became so many over so many decades now, which is real, which is false, but the best question of all to ask is this one, why does the american Government, hide the facts and the truth of John F. Kennedy’s death? Time will tell us I am sure, but for some reason, our own Government does not want us all to handle the truth or want to give it to us, security issues maybe.

I have read Lincoln’s Assassination also, his rise and demise affected this country, it’s progress forward and who we have become as a nation. The Author who wrote on Lincoln the best is a woman by the way, She dug deep, she found facts, she brought forth realities about Lincoln no one bothered to look at before. The brilliance of Lincoln in placing his enemies during the election in his cabinets was simply amazing to hear and have explained. Doris Kearns Goodwin, did a great job, with words, to explain Lincoln and tell his story well. Writers are magical in their own ways. They open the dictionary and do the research to find the facts and then, they weave it in such as way as when you read it all, it is like being there in person. Doris Kearns Goodwin did this with more than one book she wrote she is brilliant,

When I think of writers, I also think of Stephen King, his horror stories are everywhere, his imagination is boundless, and his creativity is unfounded in american writers. he holds a place many would love to have in the hearts of many Americans. I know of all his books and stories, but he also wrote a simple little book, about what writing. His little book many ignore or it hasn’t been a big seller but it should be. It tells how he became a writer growing up and why, what inspired him and what made him who he is in his own right.

Yes I have read Shakespeare, Othello is my favorite actually, it mystifies and grabs you and takes you on a journey, that tells you what is happening and why, but doesn’t let you put it down till it’s ending surprises you and makes you want more. I loved the story, not necessarily the way it was told in play form, but the story is immense.

Authors, Artists, Comic Book Creators, all do a job few could have the experience, patience and understanding to do, they present a subject, a person, a story in such a way as to grasp a person’s imagination or thought process and to lead it and capture the person, and make them want to know what that ending may be. If you could do it, and do it right like they do, it would be something to see, wouldn’t it, can we all write like they do, no we can’t. I can only wish I could,

I wrote short stories and blogs, I comment on things in the news from political to individuals or events happening. I try at times to tell a story in such a way as some will enjoy it, yet I must, I am a writer of little talent or success. I don’t make money left and write selling books or stories or blogs, but I write them anyway. For me writing is a way to dealing with life in general and surviving and how it affects all around me and myself. m I wrong in doing so, maybe, maybe I shouldn’t write at all, I am sure many like the named Authors I mentioned above would tell me forget it, you can’t write, but I do it as therapy sort of, for my own PTSD, for my dealing with issues and problems in my own life and to get things off my chest. Am I selling anything, every now and then someone comes along and buys a .99 cent ebook, or a paperback I did, but a few nickels and dimes is not selling books. It’s just getting a few to look at them is all. People nowadays don’t read like I did growing up, nor are readers a popular culture now a days. People are too busy, to read anymore, they are too concerned with videos, gaming and events like music. Partying also comes into play, you can’t read and party can you, your friends would laugh at you and ban you.

In the end I write for my own pleasure these days, I know I will never be a bestseller, or end up on anyone’s list of authors. But, because it is an essential part of me, to tell a story, write it down, make a few laugh or intrigue a few if I can, I do it. Life shall go on till I die like all of us do, and i shall keep trying, and I am sure no one will notice, but isn’t life all about the effort and trying anyway?

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