Decision Time is coming Donald!

2019 is now a few days away, it is the 29th. As 2018 rolls to a conclusion, the only real question that remains for many politicians and out current President is one, Will, Donald John Trump be impeached, or forced to resign?

Here is how i see it today: The current evidence is in place to Impeach Trump on at least 3 Articles of Impeachment right now, with a fourth building fast.

  1. Obstruction of Justice- He asked Comey to go easy on Flynn, he fired Sally Yates and Jeff sessions period, Obstruction of the Investigation
  2. Misuse of Power by a President, he currently has a Acting Chief of Staff, an Acting Attorney General and an Acting Secretary of Defense. None approved or Vetted by The Congress of the United States.
  3. Breaking and Breaching the Emolument Clause, he receives money from Foreign Nations through his hotels and more.

Now that said so far, next is his collusion with Russia, yet to be laid out all the way but the evidence is there, Follow the money and you find the collusion, no doubt in my mind. Russian Rubles paid for Trump to become the 45th President of the United States. There is very little doubt to it now. I am sure it will be proven, before Congress and Mueller are done.

So as 2019 gets ready to come in, let me say this to all who may read my blogs these days, I am not a die-hard liberal, I am not a full conservative either, I am neither Republican or Democrat, I am a concerned American Citizen and Disabled American Veteran, period.

I tire of fools who are blind loyal followers of Trump because they believe he was this great entrepreneur and mogul, who made his fortune the hard way, he didn’t. He lied, his Daddy gave him 16 million at 4 years old, he’s never been broke a day in his life.

His Daddy also, paid for him not to be drafted, and the Doctor did the bone spur diagnosis, for Trump’s daddy and to keep Trump out of the Vietnam War or any Military Service. His daddy, hid him from the wars and real service.

Sadly we are living with a man in the White House as our President, who in my opinion is a traitor to the United States, he sold us out to Putin and Russia to get the Presidency. It is my opinion from all the evidence I have seen so far, and I will wait and see what the Investigation by Mueller will produce, the facts.

He is laughed at by those in The United Nations, that has never in American History happened to an American President. North Korea is basically ignoring him and laughing in his face, he is abandoning our allies in Syria and Afghanistan, leaving a vacuum in the area for terrorist to return. Sad!

In a few days, six to be exact, The Democrats are taking over the House of Representatives. They shall have the power of Subpoena, and they will start numerous investigations into Trump’s businesses, his Russian Connections, his sons and daughter and his son in law too. Roger Stone will fall, Jerome Corsi will fall, then they will go after, Donald Trump Jr. for lying to the Senate and Congress. Then they will nail Jared Kushner for acting in an Official Capacity without any Security Clearance approved by Congress. Then Eric Trump will fall also for taking funds from a charity and disbursing them as his own personal donations in places he wishes. Ivanka Trump Kushner will face charges for using official government email services for personal business too. It’s gonna happen folks, just watch and see. Then, let’s see who they yell Lock Her Up about!

Here is the only problem with Impeaching Trump, the man behind him, is Pence who is a religious zealot, who is dangerous also and he knows how to game the system to pass laws. So, if Trump goes, Congress will have to watch Pence very closely, if he takes over.

Trump will not get his five billion for the wall, he will not get his wall, for it is a waste of taxpayers money. It’s very obvious to me and many others too, I am definitely not alone in my opinion here. Mexicans will go under, over or around it anyway!

Recent articles put out about polls done, show 60 percent of Americans want Donald Trump, Impeached or forced to resign, as President. He is leading America down a very dangerous path, opening us up to attacks by terrorists and killing our economy with tariffs left and right, on our allies. The stock market took a dive and half over the Christmas Holiday alone! Mexico won’t pay for any wall either, they already told Trump no, very vocally and publically.

He is acting like a petulant, little man-child and acting out temper tantrums, why, because he can’t get his way is all. Look American government doesn’t just hand things to the President because he is the President you have to earn it, and talk to Congress, and pass bills and laws. It’s a process and all who understand this country, understand that.

I see it this way folks, Trump will have to face a decision very soon I am sure. He can make his choice then, because he is procrastinating right now. He will have to make a choice, to either Resign, or be Impeached. If he chooses the second, which may take some time, he still will be Impeached in Disgrace. If he Resigns and leaves on his own as Nixon did, he accomplishes saving his children maybe with pardons before he goes. Does he care about that, I am not sure, or is he too selfish and narcissistic, to ignore his own children’s well being and to stop them from being indicted and charged? Only time shall tell, but if I were Donald John Trump, I would be wondering, what does, Mueller have on my children, what’s the odds of them being indicted and charged and jailed? And how soon will it happen? My business and taxes will be public soon enough if I am Trump, so what do I do, Save my own ass and my children by Resigning, or go the long route, and get Impeached and maybe put my own offspring at risk for criminal records and prison? You tell me what would you do?

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