Last Week of Regular Season/ NFL 2018

The National Football League will present its final week of play starting today, for 2018, before it begins it’s Playoffs. Each year this happens and the same teams seem to be in the hunt every year, and end up playing for a chance to win the Super Bowl and be called Champions.

Lets talk the games as they are to be played:

Dolphins vs. Bills- While neither team can make the playoffs, it should be a game entertaining enough, the young Bills are building around Josh Allen their QB. The Dolphins had a chance at the playoffs but fell apart. Should be a close game in the end.

Lions vs Packers- The Lions are rebuilding and trying to make an effort to improve. The Packers fell apart due to injuries and should be back quickly once they pick a new coach next season. Mike McCarthy built a team, but lost the fight to lead it with bad decisions in the end.

Jets vs Patriots- The Jets with Sam Darnold will compete here, but they are not the same caliber as the Patriots. Yet, are the Patriots the same, I don’t think so, now. They should win anyway, for Todd Bowles will go after this game one way or another. Belichick is a great coach and brady will go to the Hall of Fame, but the decline has started for New England.

Panthers vs, Saints- Carolina has lost it’s mojo so to say, Newton can get sloppy with his passes and takes too many chance running. The Saints are the premier team in the League at this time, Brees is knock-out as a QB and their defense stops everyone. Saints are now 1st Seed in NFC,

Jaguars vs Texans- The Texans are about to make some noise in the Playoffs and are due a decent post season here. The Jaguars, with Bortles well, they ned too many things, like a new QB and a new Head Coach.

Cowboys vs Giants- The Cowboys should be getting read to appear in the Playoffs again. They won the NFC East, and the Giants well, down sliding is what I call it. Eli Manning is about done I believe, his age has caught up to him and like all the great QBS, his skills are diminishing now. Will he be back for another season? The real question is who will be Giants QB 2019.

Falcons vs Buccaneers- The Falcons are the NFL’s biggest disappointment this season in my mind. They have the weapons on offense and defence, but failed at having a good attitude. The Buccaneers acre toast really, their QB, is done I believe in Tampa Bay and so is their coach in my mind. Game is just the end of season for both.

Raiders vs Chiefs- If I were the Chiefs Head Coach I would sit my starters and not worry if I won or lose this one, I am in. The Chiefs are a powerhouse team, ready to make noise in the playoffs. The Raiders even under Coach Gruden, have a long way to rebuild now. Changes will come before 2019 starts for them.

Cardinals vs Seahawks- One sided game and the Cardinals know it too. Cards are rebuilding and Rosen will learn, he doe shave the skills as a pocket passer. The Seahawks are the most dangerous team going into the playoffs this season. Wilson and their coach are a deadly pair and smart.

49ers vs Rams- Be a fun game for California fans to watch, but all one sided. The Rams need to tune it up for the Playoffs, the 49ers, have surprised and will be there next year.

Chargers vs Broncos- The Broncos I am sure will have a new Head Coach in 2019. They fell from grace and the deal for Keenum may have been a mistake. The Chargers are a team of strengths at most positions and look like they can make a dent in the playoffs this year, all depends on their Offensive line and QB play.

Bears vs, Vikings- Ok, here I am a personal fan of the Vikings, yet, I am sad they paid Cousins so much and he can’t perform as they wish. The Offensive line for Vikes needs help, and so do their defensive back field. The Bears are a powerhouse and their young QB is coming of age right now. Expect Bears to chew em up here. I think Vikes, will need to come back next year.

Browns vs Ravens- The Browns with Mayfield and a decent head coach have turned a corner here. Can they beat the Ravens, well all will depend on their offensive line and Mayfield’s control, no turnover they may have a chance. The ravens are looking to lock up a playoff spot here and have more to play for and Jackson is being used right at QB.

Eagles vs Redskins- The Eagles have everything to play for here, a playoff spot. The Redskins, are done i believe, even though they do have a team that can play, when QB Smith went down so did their chances. If they pay for pride at home and to go out on a positive note they can spoil the Eagles season.

Bengals vs. Steelers- This one should be a laugher in my book, the Steelers need the win and the Bengals are more like cooked leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. Marvin Lewis should be fired in Bengal land. The Steelers should win it easy.

Colts vs Titans- This game will probably be the game of the week here. Two teams both peaking at the end of a season always is a good one. The Titans are contenders and their new coach has instilled some pride in them and they are playing that way. The Colts returned to playoff caliber in recent weeks and I expect them to play this tough and it will be the closet game of the week I think.

So here is my picks for week 17

Dolphins, Packers, Patriots,Saints, Texans,Cowboys, Falcons,Chiefs, Seahawks, Rams, Ravens,Eagles, Steelers. The Toss up games is Titans vs. Colts!

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