January 3rd, is coming and so is Mueller’s Report!

Soon enough the New Year will arrive, today being December 30th. Time marches on no matter who does what where, so, things will happen daily for sure. January 3rd is Coming!

For 2018, many revelations have come regarding America’s current President, Donald John Trump.

  1. Lying is a past time for Trump and he doesn’t care who he lies to or about what. even his ex-personal lawyer admits to that one and states it honestly.
  2. Trump lied about how he made his money all his life, Daddy gave him 16 million at 4 years old.
  3. He lied about having bone spurs in his feet, and his daddy paid the Doctors to write the false report so he could dodge the draft and miss Vietnam.
  4. He cheated on all his wives, including Melania, who he is still married to now. Just ask, Stormy and Karen!
  5. He declared for the presidential election at the same time he was trying to make a deal with Putin and Russia to build in Moscow a Trump tower.
  6. He put his own children at stake to win the Presidency, now Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka and Eric will all face possible charges of one sort or another. Donald Jr. will face Congress again and be indicted I am sure for lying to the Senate, Ivanka has her email problems now and Eric will be grabbed for using charity funds for his own purposes. Add in Jared Kushner for the Trump Tower meeting and acting without a security clearance, in meetings with the Russians and others.
  7. Misuse of Power came early in Trump’s Presidency and is still going on today, loyalty to America is one thing Donald, but to you nope.
  8. Obstruction of Justice is big here, he fired, Sally Yates, and James Comey, then, went on to fire Jeff Sessions, Secretary Mattis and go through so many people in his administration it’s like a carousel ride in the White House’s revolving door.
  9. Collusion, the one thing Trump denies so vehemaliy, will be proven soon enough as they follow the money trails. Trump decided he wanted the Oval Office and he worked with Russia and Putin to get it. Russian rubles bought the White House and Trump is Putin’s puppet as Hillary said. Some say well what is collusion anyway, no such crime right, well collusion is really treason against the American People and Nation.I remind all, Benedict Arnold was charged with treason for selling information to the English, now Trump is selling America to Russia.
  10. He has destroyed America from within, his tariffs are killing our ties to our allies across the globe. They are killing our economy and stock market too. Sadly, this man is doing Putin’s bidding.
  11. Now he is pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, leaving voids and openings for Terrorist Organizations to move right in and attack again.
  12. Out of the 11 items I have listed above, at least 4 Articles of Impeachment can be written and proven: a) Misuse of Power b) Obstruction of Justice C) Collusion 4) Breaking of the Emolument Laws, by profiting from other nations, in his hotels. and more.
  13. Let me say this to the American people, the United States is a Republic, and a Democracy, we need to keep it that way, we are not and will never be an Authoritarian State, nor will we ever allow a Dictator or King. Trump can not blackmail the American People into getting the five billion for his wall, by shutting down our government. The American People will speak and rise up, a Democratic House is coming January 3rd, 2019. Changes will come and Mueller and the laws will come for Donald John Trump, wait and see.

In the end let me say this one more time and it is historic fact now: Three Presidents in American History have been Impeached, Andrew Johnson, for the attempted firing of Staton the Secretary of War, Richard Nixon for Watergate, and lying to America, and William J. Clinton for his affair with Lewinsky and lying to the american people and Whitewater. All had different results as we all know. Johnson stayed in power, Nixon had a choice resign or get removed, he resigned and Clinton who they didn’t have enough on to remove so he stayed. Donald John Trump has surpassed the High Crimes and Misdemeanors of all of the above. His lies and acts have cost America her status and position in the world and hurt the American Economy and jobs and more. Let me say one more thing, if Trump colluded with Russia and they prove it, it is indeed treason, and he should be run out of office and tarred and feathered and forcefully removed from American soil to go live in Russia, that’s my opinion as a Disabled American Veteran who served my country for sixteen years, with four honorable discharges to my name. A President who won the election and Position by Russian Rubles doesn’t belong in office or in America.

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