Happy New Year Folks! 2018 rolls to a End!

Last day of 2018 has begun, it is now, almost 9 am EST here. We expect rain today and the temperatures are warmer than normal. Overcast as it is, it is also overcast for the world and the United States, the world has clouds and grayness and the United States has grayness and the inabilities of Donald Trump in Office.

For me personally, 2018 began with the same darkness that it is ending in, one word stands tall and never disappears, Cancer. I started the year of 2018 with cancer hanging over my head, I was in my fifth year of cancer free life personally, and survived it. My wife is now in hers going on three years of recurring cancer come January 2019, her condition and standing is worse off then mine for sure. Chemo and radiation was first in 2015, extended into 2018 now and through the year we have spent three out of every four thursdays, sitting in the chemo room at a hospital as she receives her dosage. I watch as all the preliminary chemicals go in first, and then we wait as the taxial goes in too. As it does, we both know it fights cancer but, it is also a poison for the human body to take. Yet, there is no better option for those with breast cancer that has gone from breast cancer to bone cancer and into her tissues. We fight, like millions and millions of others do hoping beyond hope to stop it. It is a part of our lives, and I do all I can to keep her going, believe me.

Each step along the way, in 2018 has been a battle in one way or another for many Americans, including us. We live on Social Security and my military disability these days. I can’t afford health insurance for me, so I have to drive 45 minutes each way to get to a Veteran’s Hospital if I need treatment of any kind. My prescriptions come through the Veterans, my medical and dental too, I am dependent on them because of my disability after 16 years in service, and six herniated discs in my back. But, I won’t go deeper here, why it is obvious what I am saying and I am not the only American suffering.

2018, was Donald Trump’s second year in office as President. We have seen an average of 24 lies per day out of his mouth to the American Public, We have learned how he got his money from his Daddy at 4 years old, 16 million. That was one of his first lies.

2018 has seen the most corrupt, and illegal President in American History, killing America at the orders of a Putin and Russia, in my opinion. Trump has done Putin’s dirty deeds to destroy our country for him. We now have a stock market that is tanking due to tariffs he put in place, a fight and government shutdown over a wall no one needs or wants, a Russia Probe and investigation that is showing Obstruction, Collusion, Misuse of Power and more on Trump’s part since he took office. So, is there any good that came from 2018? So far I see jobs going out none coming back, Ford and GM shutting plants,JCPenney, Macy’s, Sears and more shutting down. Health Care costs rising and healthcare programs disappearing, all because Trump doesn’t want Obama’s name on it. This is the simple minded stupidity of a man like Trump, I hate Obama is all he thinks, he doesn’t care if he hurts the everyday people of America by killing ObamaCare, he never did anything to replace or repair it either. So millions of American are now without coverage of any kind, and prescription and medical care prices are skyrocketing, and people are dying without it. Sad!

2018 has seen prices rise for everything in America, food, is a big one too. Farmers have to throw away half of their crops and get subsidized by our Government each month, because of Trump and his tariffs. Yet Trump’s die-hard supporters will tell you he has the greatest economy in decades, where?

Look 2018 has been a rough year for me and mine in many ways. I have seen too many bad things happen and money disappear in falling stock market and more. Medical problems stay with us here left and right, I turn on my television and I hear lies from my President, who I never voted in office, the Russians got him there with rubles. I listen to the sounds of people yelling for gun control and Trump ignores them, no gun laws have changed or been added. Trump is scared of the NRA and it’s lobbying power and it’s money, he knows and has been told by the NRA, you can’t gerelected without our bucks, so shut up on gun control. So he did, and we never heard another word about it from him, yet children are getting killed because of it across America.

I am sure that after a year or better of the Russia Investigation by Robert Mueller and his team, it will soon come to a close and head. I am sure Mueller has proof of collusion, obstruction, misuse of power and more, including the breaking of the Emolument Laws by Trump. I am sure Mueller and his team has proof of more crimes than we ever expected regarding Trump, his Campaign and his people. The numbers are crazy on the Indictments and Arrests and Convictions already, and yet, Trump Supporters say leave him alone, the blind ones don’t want to see, all they see is a Billionaire who supposedly is good for making jobs and money, wrong he isn’t, he lies. This isn’t the building business he is running, this isn’t The Apprentice folks, or Television, this is real world politics and problems affecting Americans and the World on a daily basis! It’s sad that Americans, were so blind as to elect a liar, thief, draft dodging man,President, because he has a great advertising program for a campaign, and Russia Rubles to force feed it down your throats, his supporters are bind, and gullible for sure. Here is a fact for you or two to see, his crowd at his Inauguration, was less than half the size of the crowds at other Presidents. So that’s one lie clearly evidenced on tape and videos world wide. So when you want facts just look and see for yourself, they are clearly out there.

2018, is turning to 2019, the only question that really remains is how long will Trump be President and be allowed to destroy the country from within for Putin? I hope not much longer, for they are now closing in on all things Trump, his organizations, his money, his taxes and his lies. They are closing in on his people too. His Donald Jr. and Eric are next up and then Ivanka and Jared and he is too stupid to see it coming. Donald Jr. will fall for lying to the Senate and Congress, Eric will fall for using money not his for personal purposes, Ivanka will fall for the same email controversy that Trump went after Hillary for, and the chants will turn to Lock Ivanka Up soon. Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi will fall also, Mueller and his team have their teeth already sunk in to all of them. Jared Kushner has to fall too, since when does a civilian, without a security clearance approved by Congress go make deals with other nations, illegal folks.

2018 ends today folks, and America is suffering in many ways, people are selling their goods to survive, business are shutting down, money is tightening up again and no help is on the way. Trump is the man who did it all to you, maybe you should wake up and realize it now.

I have hopes for 2019 myself. so let me end here with my Wishes and Hopes for 2019:

  1. I Wish all a Happy New Year as it comes in tonight, may it be prosperous and healthy for all!
  2. My hopes are keeping my wife alive longer and her not suffering ever.
  3. A cure for all Cancers please!
  4. Peace on Earth And Goodwill to all
  5. HealthCare for all Americans
  6. The stock market to fly back up and keep rising. (LOL)
  7. My children and their children to be healthy, happy and free and be prosperous.
  8. The tariffs to end and jobs to come back.
  9. Our allies to be allies once again, not economic enemies.
  10. No wall on the southern Border It’s a waste of money and effort.
  11. A Trump Impeachment that will include at least four Articles of Impeachment
  12. A Trump resignation and removal from Office
  13. Pence to go with Trump because he is a religious zealot and dangerous, he knows how the Congress works.
  14. To all I love, peace, and prosperity, as well as good health and joy.
  15. Peace between family members, my daughters too. May time heal all wounds and bring all together as one.

Am I asking for too much folks, maybe, am I being realistic maybe not, but I am being as hopeful for a Happy New Year as a man can be!

Happy New Year From Me To All, May your New Year be filled with Hope and Joy, May your wallets get filled too, may your jobs come back and America return to the Leader it Always was! Happy New Year Folks!

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