2019 is Here! Happy New Year!

2019 has arrived, and away we go with more happenings and none happening, and news and blues and music and books and more! I am hoping beyond hope for more positive things to say, and less negative, and a New Year needs to be started on a positive note for all I think.

The question is where do I look for a positive note to start my New Year, well, I can start by saying this, my wife and I are both still alive and kicking on New Years Day 2019. Our home has been paid off for years now, no auto payments either at this time, the bills get paid monthly and we are not starving. That’s all positive, there!

My daughters are living and so are my grandkids too. I was blessed with two daughters of my own from my first marriage and a step-daughter from my second. Now among the three I have a total of six grandchildren, believe it or not I have been blessed with three of each sex. All are healthy also, so that is all positive. I hope all have the same blessings or better starting 2019.

Being 62 going on 63, I didn’t bother staying up till midnight to see 2019 roll in, I was never much of a partier, and i don’t drink. I don’t like huge crowds, or inclement weather or cold either. So my New Years Eve, was a quiet one, my wife and i watch a little television on Amazon Prime not the celebrations and then went to sleep at 11 pm. I know boring, but, you know what, 2019 got here anyway lol!.

Do I have hopes for 2019, yes I do! I hope for a cure for cancer for all who have it or have had it. I hate seeing people suffer through it and I survived it by chance when I did in 2013. Not all are as lucky as I have been in my life.

What other hopes do I have. well I have hopes for happiness for my daughters all three, their children and good health for all.

I have hope of writing a book that will really sell one day, and I am working on one now. I haven’t been able to write a full novel length one as of yet, but I did do shorts, some find decent and a few books of poems. My Authors page can be found on Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/William-McCurrach/e/B00CQMGTSM/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0. I write some mysteries, some real life and some made up. The last thing I finished was an autobiography of myself, it only came out to 50 pages because i didn’t include everything of course, but I did add photos for it.

I have more hopes folks, like living a few more years, but don’t we all, don’t we all want good health, well being, for ourselves and those we all love? I know I do!

I have learned in prior years not to have big wishes for New Year, I have also learned never to force anything on anyone, they rebel when you do.

Things to avoid in 2019, come to mind, death of any kind of course is number one for all I know, live on folks! Losing all I have accumulated over my sixty two years, saving all I can, and trying to enjoy life is tops. The best thing I can wish for everyone who lives and are related to me or friends I love, is good health, more wealth, and always have someone to share it with. Relationships are vital to human survival, having someone to hug, to touch to talk to. to do things with, that companion is vital. You want good advice if your younger, do yourself good don’t chase a man or woman for sex, or for being pretty, or rich, if you do happiness will not come for you, chase someone or find someone you get along with, someone you can talk to tell anything, someone who will accept you. for being you period, and vice versa too.

As we face 2019, I see turmoil and pain in the world, wars still going on, nations in danger. I see an America that is no way that same it was before 2016. We have lost status, position, and respect in the last two years. We have see a crest than a big drop in our economy people lost money in the stock markets. We lost stature in the world, the American President went to the United Nations and got laughed at. Sad! But we all know what is coming in america the only question is not what but how soon it will hit. As we await the Mueller Report on his Russia Investigation we already know many facts and more will come. I really wouldn’t want to be the target for it, for sure.

Anyway, 2019, has arrived folks, we are now underway. A new year, a new day, and away we go! May your roads be smooth, with no bumps, may your days pass free of pain and you have some gain. May your health stay with you, and your families too. Happy New Year from me to You!

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