January 2nd, 2019, The End is coming!

Today had importance to me, because it is the day of my first daughter’s birth, and because it is also officially the last day of the Republican House of Representatives. While my daughter’s birthday, is big and it surprised me when she was born at 2;54 am 37 years ago, I was a proud papa. Yet it didn’t all work out the way I wanted it to and time has moved on.

That being said, Happy Birthday to my baby girl, Eileen.

Today being the last day of the Republican House of Representatives may be the biggest day in modern history. When the Democrats takeover tomorrow on the 3rd of January, Trump is about to be hit with reality, and become a dead duck in Office.

The Democrats are not going to give him his border wall, nor his five billion to build it! They will give him intense investigations into his businesses, his campaign, russia collusion, obstruction of justice, misuse of power and so much more. The first words I expect to hear from the Democrats to Trump are simple, your free ride is over, the people have spoken, and we have been elected to check you.

So, Donald Trump you can sit in the West Wing or Oval Office or East Wing all you want wearing the title, but in the end you will just be a figure. You shut down the government acting like a petulant man-child, who is narcissistic, childish and foolish, and that is where we sit today. You lie to the American People on television and in newspapers and radio and twitter and more, over 24 times a day, it won’t save you. You told the American People on television you are responsible for the shut down and said you accept the blame, guess what, you got it buddy.

But your problems will be bigger than the border wall fight or five billion dollars, guess what’s next, The Russia Investigation Report is coming, the fight over your illegal appointments of Acting Chief of Staff, Acting Attorney General and Acting Secretary of State, all in place without approval by Congress, they all must go.

Then, as the Russia Investigation continues and comes out publicly, Stone, Corsi, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric will be caught up in the sweeper too. Each for different crimes, to help you get elected. I still can’t believe a man who has children, would put his children at stake for indictments and arrest and records and time in prison, all just to get elected President! Yet you did it, stupid! Donald Trump Jr. is guilty of meeting with and colluding with Russians to get you elected, then he lied to Congress on top of it. Ivanka, guilty of misuse of government emails, and improper use of campaign funds during your Inaugural celebration. Eric, guilty of misuse of campaign funds, he may be the worse taking charity money and dipursing it in his name to other charities, illegally. These are your children Donald, and you set them up for charges, indictments and possible prison time, what an idiot father you be. I don’t know any father in America or in the world who would allow this to happen to their own children, at their behest to get elected. Sad!

With Cohen included there are 36 different Indictments now in the Russia Investigation, The biggest names are Popodouplius, Manafort, Flynn,Gates, and Cohen. The big five so far all indicted, all convicted and all now working with Mueller.

Two dozen overseas Russians charged too. An Email Hacking Indictment.Konstantin Kilimnik, and Sam Patten, The names and numbers are staggering, and does anyone believe these people are being charged and convicted and indicted for no reason and it is all a lie, or Donald Trump didn’t know what was happening and controlled it all, I doubt it, Americans can’t be that blind, or stupid can they?

As The Democrats take the House tomorrow, Donald Trump will learn what it is like to come under full attack, to be in the minority, from people wanting him removed, from office. Somewhere out there in Mueller’s Russia Investigation someone is caught in a nude photo, I wonder who? At least that is what is rumored!

So, I ask you America, how much further will we allow this farce of a Presidency go on, this criminal act continue? You tell me if you dare, but I say, starting tomorrow January 3rd, 2019, Donald Trump is going to feel like someone backed up one huge, immensely big dump truck of his garbage and dumped it at his door. And I see no way for denials, no way to clear it, and no way to save his children or his friends except for pardons he can give some of them. But, will he be able to in time, or will we see Ivanka, Jared, Donald Jr., Eric, and others in orange jumpsuits, waving as they go behind bars? And How far behind will a Disgraced, either impeached or Forced to Resign Donald, J. Trump be?

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