I know some will come true, and many will not, so enjoy and think about it

Predictions are not things, I usually try to make, in anyway, yet 2019 seems to beckon to me in many ways. So I have decided to give you some predictions from MacAttack, myself, that is.

  1. Let start with a simple one, there will be no border wall between the USA and Mexico.
  2. The Russia Investigation will reach into the White House and Trump’s personal family and businesses.
  3. Russia Collusion will be proven by Mueller and his team.
  4. Super Bowl 53 is coming, who will play in it: I predict New Orleans and Kansas City. Winner: Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Theintial front runner for the Democratic Nomination for president will be Joe Biden, but, the Nominee will be a dark horse candidate. Maybe, Senator Booker.
  6. Mueller will indict Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, Donald Trump Jr. and more yet to come by February 2019.
  7. Once the domino effect of the Mueller Investigation hits Trumps Empire and family he will be forced to make a decision, Resign or Be Impeached and watch his kids go to prison.
  8. The Economy will change again by April 2019, Trump will be forced to lift his tariffs on allies, Mexico, Canada and Europe.
  9. China will have to make a deal soon enough their markets and economy are rocking.
  10. Kim Jung Un will not cave into pressure from Trump, he will remain a nuclear threat to the world.
  11. Syria and Afghanistan will fall once American Troops withdraw.
  12. Isis and others will move in and start building a foundation and home in one of the two countries.
  13. Russia will try to threaten and control the United states Elections again, as well as increase it’s military growth, causing america to enter a new nuke race.
  14. Mankind will have to face Global Warming and Climate Change as one unit to overcome it.
  15. Scientist will with technichans and specialist, make flying, anti gravity cars, they will stop fossil fuel pollution. And Electric cars will become a fad.
  16. Medical Science, will find a break through for many cancers but not all. They will border on eliminating it soon enough.
  17. Cable Companies will be fazed out by new wave antennas, that will pick up air waves for viewers and stop costs.
  18. Food prices will rise first then dip back down as the year goes on, as will gas prices.
  19. The animal population will become endangered all the way around, as the climate changes due to global warming and species will disappear.
  20. As we all know, dangers to mankind exist all over the globe, mankind will begin to prepare to leave earth at a faster rate as the atmosphere starts to fail.
  21. As to where we shall go, I do not know, nor do I think I will survive to see it, I am gonna be 63 this month. Maybe Mars, or one of the other planets in our system, in the end a new home will be needed for mankind.

These are a few predictions from MacAttack56’s Blog, I can not go further with them for I am not a Leader, of Scientist, nor am i Nostradamus. Yet, I know some will come true, and many will not, so enjoy and think about it now!

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