Welcome to the real world Donald Trump

Welcome to the real world Donald Trump. while the Senate will try to protect and buffer you from whats coming, because they are republicans, the House will not. The Committees are coming together the Investigations are underway, and yes, Speaker Pelosi said Impeachment is an issue as is indicting a President. So guess what Donald, the fun starts now!

As Mueller’s Investigation goes on into Collusion, Obstruction and Misuse of Power, and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors, committed by Trump and his cronies, I remind all of one thing, what collusion really means.

Collusion folks is working with a individual, or country to win the presidential Election of 2016. Which in plain english, if the collusion is with Russia as is being said and shown so far, then guess what, it equals treason! That means Trump worked with and was paid by Russia in rubles and in millions of them, to affect, and change the 2016 election outcome. They paid for commercials, on radio, television and internet for him to win. The electoral college was bought by Trump. Putin and Russian Rubles folks. I remind you all Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more then 300 million votes in 2016.

As Mueller continues new investigation are erupting left and right, Trump Corporation, Trump Charities, and more all being investigated. Trump’s children all three around him at the time he ran for President under investigation. Donald Jr., Trump Tower Meeting, lying to the Senate and Congress. Ivanka Trump Kushner, email investigation, celebration investigation, Eric Trump, investigated for misuse of campaign funds, and redirecting funds from a charity organization to his own charities. Sad. This is the most criminal family ever to win the White House. Add in Jared Kushner, Trump Tower meeting, and operating from the White House without a security clearance, and wham what a mess we have.

Now Pelosi will be Speaker of the House, the Committees will begin to investigate Trump and more will become public and Trump will have no one to hide behind, and no way to hide from it all, as it comes crashing in at him from all sides. The Republicans in the Senate can’t protect him forever, and when the truth comes out on Russia and more, will they try to still block an Indictment or Impeachment? If they do what will the American People say or do about it all? We are about to find out me thinks!

Trump can try to deceive, distract, and more all he wishes, in the end there will be no stopping it all. The wall is a ploy folks, a way to distract from the real story here, the High Crimes and mIsdemeanors of President Donald Trump and his family and his selling out of America, to Russia and Putin. The evidence is solid now a days, and it is growing every minute of everyday, sadly it will come to a report Mueller will release soon enough and it will hit Congress, the press and the american people. What do you think will happen then?

I remind all, Benedict Arnold was a three star General under Washington for the Revolutionary War. He sold out to the British, giving information against America and his home country, and he was banned from America and forced to live in Britain till his death, crying before he died how big of a mistake he made. They wanted to hang Arnold, so what do you think Americans will want to do to Donald Trump once his selling us out and working with Russia comes out?

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