Raising Cable and Dish rates?

After listening to CNN and Fox and MSNBC and of course the normal news networks of the major three, CBS, ABC and NBC, I wonder,is it all worth it. I read recently and i am still waiting to see, that cable companies and Dish are all about to raise their rates for the new year, making subscribers pay more, to make up for those leaving cable etc. So I wonder now is it worth having cable or Dish or any other television service piped in or cabled in or a Dish of any sort.

Here is what I have learned lately, these companies like Xfinity,Cox, and others, are losing customers for the same reason, no one can watch all the channels they provide, nor does anyone use them all. They are all packaged for you and you have to take one of their packages to get cable. While it’s nice when new shows are coming out and pemireing or returning in the season, to have the ones you want, it gets expensive period over time.So, here is what I think I will do in the near future, when my contract runs it’s period out.

I am going to search for an alternative way to get just the channels I want. Is there a way to do so I am not sure. I have seen people who use Dish, Satellites, and more and no one is fully satisfied. Dish networks lose signals and have breaks in their service due to weather conditions or interference.

Cable companies, you lose service when their main goes down, or a box goes down on the street poles, or a cable wears out or breaks, there is no perfect system is there?

Growing up, we had four stations on our televisions back then, CBS, NBC,ABC, and we had one on the other side a channel 20 here. We had television antenna and free television back then, we just choose what to watch off of the free channels broadcast, and enjoyed. We didn’t need pay for view ones and i still don’t pay for view anyway.

So, I will be looking for an alternative soon enough to my cable television bill and service. Internet service allows me access to news and information anytime I like over my Cell Phone or Computer. So what is the alternative now a days for television services, I will be looking to find out, when a company, keeps raising its rates, it’s time to lose the company, I am on a set budget like many americans are now. Cost for entertainment in the form of cable television, or dish television is getting way too high.

Maybe getting an HDTV Antenna is the way to go, settle for what i can get over the air these days, cheaper for sure. My relatives/in laws, decided to get off cable so they went to Sling TV and like it, I don’t know yet what we will do. I do know, there comes a point when cable tv and satellite television are pricing themselves out of my life, so go ahead raise rates and lose customers.

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