Legacy of The Worst President in American History!

Time continues to move along and 2019 will be 6 days old today. America is deeper in debt than ever before due to a Republican President and a Republican congress decided they knew better than anyone else. It’s sad really, for Americans must repay all this twenty two trillion dollars in debt, and Trump doesn’t care. As he said himself, I won’t be here when the bill comes due, so I really don’t care. Sad!

I think Americans we have hit a point in this Trump Presidency and Administration, where Congress should be forced to act by the people and for the people. Yes I know many say Don’t Impeach Trump, they say this because the Senate is run by the Republicans and all know they will resist it and fight it, and say no to it. Yet, do we really have a choice? I am beginning to think we don’t folks, how much deeper in debt and worse off are we going to allow Trump to push America into?

Donald John Trump has personality disorders galore, he has no empathy for anyone, lose morals and ethics, and is narcissistic. His concern is not for the American People or the Nation as a whole. his concern is what Fox News Anchors and Hosts told him, ” If you don’t build your wall, you will have no legacy!” That’s the deal period, for he has not accomplished anything positive in over two years of his Presidency, but he has destroyed many things. His path of destruction is a wide swath through the American People’s and the world’s heart and soul.He has been destroying everything he can, and his biggest target was ObamaCare that went down first and foremost. Why that, well simple, Barack Obama, embarrassed and humiliated Trump publicly at a dinner before he announced he was running for President. Trump hold grudges like a petulant man child.

He then commenced lying to the American People from day one. He lied about the size of the crowd at his Inauguration, Videos and recording show the crowd at about half of the former President’s crowds. Yet he insists that the crowd wa sthe hugest of all of them. Lie!

He then proceeded to obstruct justice, by trying to clear Flynn, when that failed he fired sally Yates and James Comey too. He couldn’t get his way, is all. The laws Donald Trump apply to all including you.

I won’t bother with going through all the people indicted, American and from other nations like Russia, but the numbers are staggering now and obvious, just look for them.

1) George Papadopoulos,
2) Paul Manafort
3) Rick Gates 
4) Michael Flynn
5-20) 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies
21) Richard Pinedo
22) Alex van der Zwaan
23) Konstantin Kilimnik
24-35) 12 Russian GRU officers
36) Michael Cohen
Sam Patten —All of these have been Indicted, by The Russia Probe and Robert Mueller’s Team. we are talking now, 37 people alone right here I am listing not to count others on the way. The Others on the way will more than likely include, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, Donald Trump JR., Jared Kushner. Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump Kushner before it is over. We ever have Maria Butina, the Russian Lawyer, who attended the Trump Tower Meeting, convicted and pled guilty. Yet die hard Trump Supporters deny Trump knew it, bullshit.

Next Trump also has removed us from the World Stage in many ways, NAFTA, Paris Climate Accord, then he got laughed at at The United Nations. His So called Summit with The North Korean Leader is a joke and Kim Jung Un is laughing at him too. There will be no dismantling of North Korean Nukes, even Kim Jung Un is not stupid enough to do that one, voluntarily. Syria, Afghanistan pull outs he is planning wrong, dangerous and deadly, he will get Americans killed and us attacked again and give Terrorist Organizations a home base. We will never destroy them then and they know it. Sadly, this is the American President, today in the world, a walking talking, idiot, who jabbers loudly and destroys all he touches.

The current Government Shut Down that Trump says, can go for weeks to years if he doesn’t get five point six billion for his wall, is idiotic, stupid and any wall of fence is worthless and won’t change a damn thing. is a waste of time and money and each day the government is shutdown, out national debt rises a billion dollars more. Yet his blind loyalist followers still back this man, why?

I want to say this now, before someone says I am a liberal haters of Trump, I am not a Democrat, nor am I Republican, I am an Independent. What is happening in Washington, DC. and what Trump is doing is sad for the country and the world. As the woman who should be President said during one debate on national television to Trump’s face, ” Your a Puppet of Russia and Putin!” It’s true folks, look at the destruction Trump has done from inside as President and how Putin and Russia celebrate each move he makes, Putin is stronger and expanding Russian interests and Trump does’t do a thing and neither does our Congress. If nothing else, the House must Investigate everything Trump, The House must call people to testify and get this ball rolling. Trump will have a Legacy like all Presidents before him, but his won’t be an economy he created because he didn’t create it Obama did. His Legacy won’t be a wall on our our southern border, for Congress won’t approve the wall. His Legacy won’t be his great policies with other countries either. His Legacy will be his corruption, crimes, High Crimes and Misdemeanors,lies,his failing tariffs, the largest debt any President could ever leave too. he worries about leaving a legacy as President, well his will be the Legacy of The Worst President in American History!

Congress must wake up, Protect Special Prosecutor Mueller, Protect the Russia Investigation. Take action to Sanction, Indict, or Impeach President Donald John Trump!

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