Let’s End the Trump Farce!

President Donald John Trump, will give a speech tonight on national television, attempting to justify his need to call a national emergency to build a wall across the United States Southern Border. His reasoning for building a wall/ fence out of either concrete or steel makes no sense whatsoever and does not qualify as a national emergency or crisis.

The United States has survived since 1776, without a wall, fence or barrier 2 thousand some odd miles long. We have been a country open to immigration since we came into existence two hundred and forty two years ago. We have been friends with our northern and southern neighbors on the North America Continent since. I agree there is a drug and violence threat to America, but it is not on the Mexico/ America border. it is in airports, and entry points we already have. You want to up security in America, up security at the airports and entry points, and add more security camera, scanners, x ray machines and personnel and droids. More drug sniffing dogs and patrols. in airports and at the docks, would work best.

A border wall or fence is useless and all Americans should know it. If you want proof of it, all one has to do is look at the Drug Lord El Chapo and his operations, when he was free. He dug down and under the ground and delivered his drugs through tunnels to escape capture and get through, others will keep doing the same. His tunnels and others, have been parts of news stories on CBS’s 60 Minutes now for many years. Wake up folks, a wall made of cement or a fence of steel slats will not work, they will go under, over, around in anyway they can, why, because they want to reach Americans, and the American dollar. You can have all the drugs in the world, but if you have no place that will buy them or no one to buy them, they will go out of business. Educate ,educate Americans, young and old against drug usage, teach children at a young age, show them what happens if you use drugs, in video form, talk to them, teach them to avoid these drug cartels and dealers. A Wall/Fence won’t stop them, as long as they believe Americans can be addicted to drugs and they can control them, they will keep coming.

President Trump is being foolish, and acting like a petulant, temper tantrum throwing man-child who can not get his way. He is acting out just as he did when President Obama, humiliated and embarrassed him before he ran for office. Sadly Trump is a spoiled rich kid actually, who was given a million bucks to play with at 4 years old and more as he grew up. He never attended a public school, he never did physical labor, he never served his country, his daddy paid to keep him out of the service. Sadly so many lies surround Trump’s life and story. This man is a liar, and a puppet of Putin and Russia, he keeps screaming and chanting no collusion, when in fact there was and it is being proven each day, by the Steele Dossier being proven correct and honest. By Mueller’s Investigation, by those already convicted in the Mueller Investigation and those indicted. You can’t really believe he didn’t know his own son was in touch with the Russians, or his former campaign manager Manafort or Flynn, he knew and he directed it all.

Add Obstruction of Justice, Add Misuse of Power and you have a President more corrupt than any other in American History. He is not only guilty of it all, but he lies everyday to the American People at least 24 times a day on average. This man, is guilty of much more than even Richard M. Nixon was!

I will tell you why the House which is now all Democrat almost won’t start Impeachment, they are holding off for the Mueller report, they want it in black and white so they can show the American public is all. Plus, they know if Trump is Impeached by them, the Republican Senate will block it, unless the evidence is so strong, the American public forces it all. They know the Republicans won’t budge right now, because they have a Republican they think in the White House, the truth is they have a man guilty of Treason and Collusion and Obstruction and Misuse of Power in the White house and he is going to do a lot more if he stays. Since the Republicans won’t budge and Impeach Trump, force him to keep making mistakes, block his wall/fence, make him do stupid shit so Americans will rise up against him in rebellion. It’s about to happen, he has no right, or legal right to declare a National Crisis or Emergency to get his wall, there is no emergency except in his mind. We all safe there is no one attacking us with military might, or any other might we can’t fight or stop. Sadly, his imagination and his own self worth and importance and narcissistic personality is driving this whole border wall/fence fight not the real facts. He doesn’t care about the 800,000 people out of work, needing paychecks to pay their bills and live, he cares about one person and one person only Donald John Trump.

The Democrats and Robert Mueller and his team will have to go get the Trump children. Donald Trump Jr. is the best place to start. Take him down for the Trump Tower Meeting, his lies about it publically and to the Congress. It’s a Federal offense to lie to Congress/ Senate or House, charge him, indict him, arrest him. Put his ass behind bars. Get Eric Trump for stealing money and dishing it out to charities and calling it his own. Arrest Jared Kushner for illegal acts without a security clearance from Congress! Arrest Ivanka Trump Kushner, for her misuse of government email system and her Trump Campaign celebration money she used. Lock Her Up I say!

You want to stop Donald John Trump, indict his children take them down one by one, make them all face federal charges. Indict Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, Steve Bannon too. The corruption that was and is the Trump Organization must be taken down also. get his bank records, get his taxes, nail his children first, I say.

Let’s end the Trump Farce and Game he is Playing for Putin and Russia now! He should actually be tarred and feathered and rode out of Washington on a damn telephone pole, he is a traitor! He is a second Benedict Arnold!

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