It’s sad that people in the Senate and House of Representatives don’t have the balls and guts to stop Donald John Trump.

Trump has pushed the Shutdown to 31 days and he refuses to realize what the hell he is really doing! He has taken these people hostage and forced them all not to be able to feed, house and take care of their children or pay their bills! The bottom line here Donald Trump is not your stupid, vanity wall with your name on it, but the good of the American People, and this is not the way to get there.

800,000 workers out without paychecks, restaurants shutting down who fed them and going out of business. It’s sad and the world is watching Donald, they are all watching.

Now that said, your wall idea sucks, the fact your holding people and families hoistage sucks, and the fact your working for Russia sucks too.

I doubt very seriously if your 35 percent who voted for you, ever thought or knew you were working with and for Putin and Russia. I doubt they would have voted for you.

You stole the election using Russian help and rubles, and Mueller and his team of prosecutors are coming for you! Your as guilty as they come and so many americans know it now, it is just a matter of when the Rusia report is released. I will tell you something Trump, you are worried about a legacy you can leave behind, well you are leaving one, as the most selfish, useless and dishonest lying President in America’s 242 year history. It’s a sad, sad time in American History.

Food lines have to open to feed these 800,000 people plus. In the meantime Donald you sit on your fat ass and eat Mcdonald’s Burgers and fries and Taco Bell, and enjoy yourself!

Your laughed at by North Korea, Isis and more and even got laughed at in the United Nations, sad!

Whats even sadder is that there are the following people telling the truth and your lying about Russia and the tower and more.

 George Papadopoulos
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates
 Michael Flynn
 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies
Richard Pinedo
Alex van der Zwaan
 12 Russian GRU officers
 Michael Cohen

Count the heads folks add em up.! There are a total of 31 people right here, so who is lying Donald Trump and his children who benefitted and got the White House, or these 31 people who all ended up indicted and convicted. You tell me folks, who is lying, and who is telling the truth, Donald J. Trump and his kids or these people?

Let me point out something else for all to see:

Donald Trump JR. Lied to the Senate and was part of a meeting to secure data on Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in the Trump Tower with a Russian Lawyer and other Russians. Lock Him Up! Guilty!

Ivanka Trump Kushner- guilty of using government email servers for personal uses, redirecting funds for Trump’s Inaugural Ball. Lock Her Up! Guilty!

Jared Kushner, running official government business from the White House with out official security clearances, attended the trump Tower Meeting with Russians. Guilty!

Eric trump, diverted frund from a charity to another, to make himself look good, and important, Lock Him Up! Guilty.

You want to stop Trump and his bullshit here is what the Democrats need to do, Indict all of his children and his son-in-law. Bring Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump for Obstruction of Justice, High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Misuse of Power, Colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election. Lying to the American People on the average of 24 times a day. Holding hostage 800,000 plus Americans so he can get a wall that is totally worthless. We are at 31 days of a Shutdown no one needs and we should never have, why?

Donald John Trump is unstable, dangerous, narcissistic, and a pathetic, lying petulant man-child! Lock Him Up!

He doesn’t read reports or documents given to him by military and security advisors or his own members of his administration. He is trying to turn america into a second Russia!. It’s sad that people in the Senate and House of Representatives don’t have the balls and guts to stop Donald John Trump.

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