Super Bowl 53, is coming!

We are now in America, gearing up for an East VS West Coast Superbowl!

While both ChampionShip games went into overtime and had questionable calls in them, the Super Bowl is set, The Los Angeles Rams vs The New England Patriots. Tom Brady vs Jared Goff,, old vs young, youth versus experience.

Can there be an upset in the super Bowl, yes there can be and has been over the 52 games already played. So what makes this one special?

Let me say this, Tom Brady is back in the Super Bowl once more, and he and his team know, the true way to win a Super Bowl, is to commit and produce. You want to win in a Super Bowl you commit to giving your all on each play, you want to win you must produce on offense, get the ball in the end zone.

Now for The Rams, protect Goff at all cost, get Gurly to run and anderson too. Have Donald and that Rams Defense ready to go and at full speed. Keep the ball away from Brady and that Patriots Offense.

The real game here will be the Rams Defense vs, Brady’s and his offense. Brady must be rushed, hurried and sacked, or he will tear apart the Rams defense for many points. Keep Brady off the field and you can win, eat the clock Rams, eat the clock up.

If Brady matches the Rams Offense in time on the field he will beat the Rams. If the Rams knock him on his ass and keep him on the bench the game can be theirs. Age gives wisdom and possibilities to the Patriots, youth and speed should give an edge to the Rams.

Can I predict a winner in Super Bowl 53 this year, well here is what I say, the Refs can determine who wins, unless they are told to let them play, make obvious calls only, and review all cloe ones. The efs can determine an outcome of a game and there is no doubt now in the NFL, after the two Championship Games we saw.

I just hope when the Ram and Patriots hit the field and play this game, it will be determined by the two teams and not the Refs. The fans deserve a real game between two great teams for the Super Bowl, lets hope we get one!

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