Tell them, to force Trump to Resign or Impeach him now!

Ok, lets get some adults in Washington, DC, let’s get the damn government open, lets get people back to work, the over 800,000 workers shut out by this shutdown are hurting folks, demand some action now!

Lets react like normal human beings here and help those out of work due to Trump’s shutdown, food lines are opening, the rich who can give are giving now.

Let’s do something drastic now, Trump wants a shut down he got one and he can’t get out of it, so let’s give him a full shutdown next. Here is my thoughts on this mess.

One, no paycheck for the 800,000, then no paychecks for the Senate, The House of Representatives and the President and his Administration too. Shutdown their paychecks, make them work for free too.

Second, no agreement on a wall, is smart, no wall is needed, america and Mexico have lived border to border for 242 years and survived, the Mexicans are not invading, nor is anyone else, Trump just wants a wall, so he can put his name on it and so as Ann Coulter told him,” You will have no Legacy if you don’t get the wall built.” That is where this is coming from, it’s Trump’s reacting to Ann Coulter and Hannity on Fox News, nothing more. Trump is stuck on this stupid idea of a wall, and doesn’t realize that people go under walls, that tunnels already exist, they go over walls, they go around walls, a wall is useless. This is not the 12th century or something.

Next problem, and I am sure the most important to Donald J. Trump, the Mueller Investigation is not ending it is growing. The calls for resignation or Impeachment will get louder soon. You can’t run Donald John Trump, they will come for you soon enough. The numbers of indicted, convicted people is growing, as Mueller digs deeper into the Trump Organization’s paperwork and texts and messages and more as well as finances. All will come out, watch as it happens.

I say this now, if 31 people have been indicted already in the Russia Investigation by Mueller and his team as has happened, who is telling the truth here Trump and his children or the 31 already indicted and convicted? You tell me folks!

I remind all, Collusion is working in tandem with someone or entity, to get the results you want, Trump did so with The Russians and it is a fact. I also remind all, Read further into the definition of Collusion and you will see it is actually Treason in this case, never in American History has an American President ever stole an election using Russian Agents and Russian Rubles, it happened in 2016.

Obstruction of Justice is real in Trump’s case and proven on many fronts already. Misuse of Power is evident too, as well as his average lying to the American people on a dozen times per day.

He has destroyed the world economy and tariffed our allies not our enemies folks, that is sad.

He pulled us from The Paris Accord on Climate Control as Global Warming is apparent at its most now. He wants to pull us from NATO folks, he does that what defense is there to another Hitler?

Americans need to wake up, and step back and take off their stupid Make America Great Hats, and realize he is not making America Great, he is destroying it from within as Putin wants him to. America has always been great and always will be great, due to the strength of its people. Not because Trump says so.

Let me end with one thing here, Trump is rich folks and has been since 4 years old when his daddy gave him a million bucks. He doesn’t care if people are starving, or need help with their bills to survive, He doesn’t care how many have to go to food lines to feed their kids or themselves. He doesn’t care how many lose their homes, or can’t get health care, why cause he can and they are not his relatives, their his hostages.You don’t see the Trump Organization feeding anyone do you?

At no time in American History has any President been allowed to take Hostage the American People to get his way! If he does it once and wins he will do it again and again and so will future Presidents, it can’t be allowed!.

Call your Senators, Call your Representatives, tell them, no wall, no deals until the Government is reopened and back to work. Tell them, to force Trump to Resign or Impeach him now!

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