Blogging, Free vs Paid, Should I or Not?

I have been Blogging on and off for eight years now, I use right now under this Address. I haven’t upgraded to anything I just use the editor and post the blog as I go. WordPress has upgrade packages that currently range in price from $4.00 per month to $25.00 dollars a month.

As to each package and what they contain or offer, well they list all under each for all to see, yet, I don’t have any understanding of what they offer, not due to them, but do to my own limited knowledge of what it all means.

Since 2010, now going on 9 years I have had readers from the number of 18 people to 2.k, who enjoy my blogs. Now I am not a pro blogger, or writer of blogs, though I do write short book/ stories I tried to sell for low prices. They are not long stories just shorts, and sometimes they sell and sometimes they don’t. I don’t make money doing them, and wouldn’t know how to properly sell them if someone threw a written set of directions at me to do so. But, the fun is writing them and saying what I want to the best of my ability and it is done for therapy mostly for myself.

That said, My blogs range in subject matter from personal stuff and my life, with subjects of childhood, to parenting, romance and love and then they hit the political too. Hot topic for me has been the Trump Presidency and it’s lack of morals, ethics, standards and empathy for the country and it’s people as well as it’s illegal acts to get him elected.

My recent blogs have done ok, yet, I am not a pro, I don’t have millions of followers that read my blog, i wish I did, but I was never in it to make money, just to speak my mind.

In the end I debate many times a week it seems whether i should get a plan through and pay for my blog to be seen and read by more people or not. Like I said i am not rich, I am retired, and I don’t have money to blow on such things, so I wonder at times if it would be worth it to me to get a plan or package through and will it attract more readers or do anything for my blog and I?

Are you a Blogger, what Blogging site do you use? What kind of audience do you get and what services does your blogging site offer for what prices? Is it worth it to you to pay for a blogging site plan, to be read?

Bottom line for me is, I am undecided on what to do, I like writing my blogs and getting my say out there so to speak, Yet I am not famous like people on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, or any other news agencies, nor am I a popular musician or writer, who people know, my name is not famous at all. So what do I do folks?

What would you do if you were me, would you pay a monthly fee, or yearly fee to post a blog if you were me, to get it seen by more people, or just leave it be and do what I can for Free?

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Thanks for Reading!

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