What kind of a man, puts his own children at stake so he can win a political office?

According to Donald, J, Trump, if the Democrats don’t give him money for his border wall/ barrier, he will close down the government again on February 15th 2019. If he does, the same 800,000 federal employees and more will be out of work again, begging for food and rent and money to pay their bills, is that what Republicans and the American People really want?

Look, someone needs to tell Trump, he can’t do this again, the destruction and damages he caused already , are humongous and crazy! For all who don’t believe it, his 35 day shutdown, cost us 6 billion dollars as taxpayers, which by the way is .3 billion more than he wants for his stupid medieval wall idea! We are not China we don’t need a Great Wall of America, and as can be seen from videos and reports, people dig tunnels under walls, they go around walls, they come over walls. hell even China, gave up on the Great Wall of China and only use it as a tourist attraction, they know it won’t work today.

I have one word for you Donald John Trump, you should learn it, it’s called COMPROMISE!

You are not getting a wall with your name on it! This is not a memorial to Donald J. Trump ok! The Democrats said ok we will work with you on border security, but no wall listen to them! Compromise, modern security methods out do medieval walls any day and the radar to see the tunnels works, we already have it, stop following Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity and Fox Commentators and grow up. I know Ann Coulter told you no wall, no legacy, but the truth is you want a legacy it won’t be a wall, it will have to be something much more realistic, like acting Presidential and being an adult. Stop acting like a petulant, little man child, and act like an adult, Compromise, Learn and Adapt, don’t be stupid twice and make the same damn mistakes.

There is no Emergency on the United States and Mexican Border, drugs are coming in through ports, shipping and airports. not the Mexican Border. Same with Illegal Immigrants the numbers on boats coming in are crazy, work with the Democrats, at least that way, you accomplish something and leave a mark to be remembered for.

Sadly, there is no escaping the Mueller Russia Report, when it is released. ROger Stone is just a step for that investigation, to get to Roger Corsi, Donald Trump Jr. Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump Kushner and Eric Kushner, before they reach you Donald John Trump. But you better believe they are coming and knocking on your door and others oon enough just like they did Roger Stone’s.

Forget you false claims of an Emergency on the Southern Border, at least I would if I were you. If i were you my concerns would be at the door to the Oval Office and West wing of the White House and how soon, Senators and Representatives will knock on it with Articles of Impeachment and a Statement telling you to resign or be outright Impeached!.

I know, what you will say if you read this Donald John Trump, I don’t know what I am talking about, I am making false claims and more, and you will rant and rave and claim Hillary did it all before you, false! You can’t distract, divert, run from or hide from facts and charges now, it is all coming to your door soon enough. You don’t and won’t have anytime or energy left to call for a wall or fight over one soon enough, you will need a lot more lawyers then 17.

Your son Donald Jr. will need the best Lawyer he can find for all of his money, as wil Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump Kushner and Eric Trump too. sadly, Donald John Trump you were dumb enough and so blinded by the fact you wanted to be President you used your own children to commit felonies and they will get charged too.

So Donald John Trump answer me one question please, What kind of a father, uses his own children, to commit crimes so he can get the Presidency? What Kind of a man, puts his own children at stake so he can win a political office?

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