Hey Trump, What kind of man, does this to his own children?

We patiently await the end Results of the Russia Investigation here in the United States. As we have seen, just when we think it may be drawing to a conclusion, another indictment happens, in this case it was Roger Stone. He knew it was coming long ago and Mueller and his team waited until they knew they had him.

When will the Russia Investigation led by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller come to a conclusion is still an open question, although many are predicting soon. I don’t know myself, but I do know, Mueller and the Russia Investigation will not end, until. Donald Trump Jr., is indicted. I also know the following individuals should be indicted also, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump Kushner, and Eric Kushner. Each broke the laws in their own way, Donald Jr. is the biggest offender who boldly lied to the Senate and the people of the United States. I am sure it will come soon, along the way I suspect Steve Bannon will get indicted too, it’s just a matter of time.

As all of this happens and moves along, if I were Donald John Trump, I would remember I can not Pardon my family Members, so I would make sure they have the best lawyers I can find. If i were Trump, I would forget pursuing a wall on the southern Border and pursue lawyers who can defend my children that I put at stake to win the Presidency. Sadly, my only question is not whether Trump is guilty of collusion, obstruction of justice or misuse of power, or lying to the American People, nope, my question will always be, What kind of a man, puts his own children at risk of being indicted, convicted and at risk for prison terms to win the Presidency?

If I were Donald Trump Jr.s I would find the best Lawyer around quick, Ivanka and jared should too as well as Eric trump. For it is coming folks wait and see.

What kind of man, does this to his own children?

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