And that is what America is about!

I recently turned 63 years old, which means a few things to me, 1) I outlived both of my parents, one died at 55 years old and the other at 59 years old. Both died of cancer, lung cancer to be exact, and I survived it now going on six years.

As I age and go on with life, I notice aches and pains, I never had before hitting my body. Arthritis, joint pains and even teeth and jaw pains, I never had before. Aging gets to us all they say and my pains and aches are no different than anyone else may have. Yes we need Health Insurance for All, whether it is Medicaid for All or back to ObamaCare!

That being said, I have seen and watched Presidents come and go from John F. Kennedy to now Donald J. Trump. I lived through all of them and I am not alone for sure, for i was born in 1956 and I was and am part of the baby boomer generation. We came up with many things and inventions over the years, as a generation we changed styles, built electronics and changed the work we did as a workforce. We took mankind and america as a whole practically out of the blue collar world into the white collar worlds and made life more expensive and harder to live without even knowing it.

As a child I remember certain things we had back in the 1960’s we don’t do or have anymore. 1) We don’t repair our own cars anymore, it’s now not only a physical act to do so, but the cars are lasting longer because they have computer brains in them. 2) Many more get to attend colleges and fewer are dropping out of high schools than ever before. 3) If you look the farmer population in America and the world is diminishing each year. 4) Food is more processed than ever before and many buy it already prepared. 5) Parks are no longer a place for young children anymore, towns are phasing them out, and even malls which began in the 1960’s are now becoming empty and disappearing, because everything is on the internet and all one needs is a Internet Provider and computer and you can buy whatever you wish and have it delivered to your door. 6) What I call brick and mortar stores are disappearing and going out of business, just look at Sears, Macy’s, JC Penny and others, as they cut back and shutdown. Even Walmart is being hit by the changes in america these days. 7) Politicians will say and do anything to get in office, and more lie than ever before and change their minds once in and hit with money or pressure. 8) I grew up in the projects, in Waterbury, Connecticut’s North End, it was a housing complex that was all brick and all the homes look the same. We had whites, blacks, hispanics, orientals all in it, we played in the same neighborhoods and went to the same schools, diversity was king. yes we fought, yes we battled and yes we survived and learned to respect each other too. We don’t see that much anymore these days. 9) People don’t walk by and say hi anymore, they are closed and quiet and social skills are lacking, when we were kids, our parents told us to be friendly, they told us to treat all equal and to get along. We didn’t, hide from one another we learned to get along and get things done.Too many Americans don’t talk to one another due to color of their skin, race, nationality, or status in life. The separations that are there among america’s society is wrong, we should all no matter what race, ethnicity, color, size, be one nation, on one mission to better America and all Americans no matter what! 10) Life is not the ame in America as it was in the 1950’s or 1960’s, and it will more than likely never be again, but just because technology changes, or politics change, or we have our own angers, and highs and lows, does not mean we are not all Americans. 11) We became a nation in 1776, 242 years ago, and since we have grown in number, stature, status and size. Our country changes, grows and becomes something new each day due to the great mass of people we have of all kinds. We can not as a nation stop, immigrants from seeking a place to come for their freedom, we are built on immigrants, I remind all each day, where do you think your family came from originally, do you even know? 12) The hatred, the nastiness, the anger must be stopped, we should never be fighting against one another, we have a world out there that wants us gone, we should at all times be united.

We shall never be able to go back to the days of the 1960’s. or any other era we have lived through, for history and life moves only in one direction forward, just like the clock and calendars say. and prove. We must remember, We can get hit by fate, chance, accidents, and even disasters and we will believe me, but one thing we can not allow, is us as a nation of Americans and a Generation brought together by the idea of Our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Laws, to lose sight of what we are and why we are here. We belong to a Democracy, A Republic, and each other, we represent, leadership, we represent freedom of religion, freedom or speech, freedoms no one else have.

Our job now as Americans, is to keep what we we built on going, to make better the union of all people who live as Americans going. To Make life better for all of us and the world and to do it in a proper, moral, ethical and intelligent way. Not to drag each other down with insults, defamation, slander and attack one another. We have differences it is true, for none of us, are exactly the same, but I remind you of the following, we fought to be here as a nation and we fought as one, during the Revolutionary War, We fought among ourselves and almost destroyed ourselves during the Civil War, then we went on rebuilt, and fought wars across the world, World War One and Two, The Korean war, The Vietnam War and we still fight wars not our own, but others to save freedoms and rights we believe in. If you want to know how to get along with others of different races, colors, backgrounds, do what I did, join the Military, pick a branch, serve a term and you will find out, no matter what color, race, nationality you are, when the rubber hits the road you will fight together, you will bind to survive, you will cooperate, compromise and make it work. Why, because your American, why, because you know it matters not what the color is, what the race is, what the background is, or what neighborhood you lived in, as you serve you live together, you serve together for one purpose, to Protect and Defend America and you do it not for selfish reasons, you do it to protect the ideals of the nation and most of all to protect the ones you love the most, your families. In the end we are all Americans and we need to stay together!. If you had served or do serve, you will learn or know all of us are one nation. And that is what America is about!

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