Video Gaming Industry Info!

Let me blog on a different subject then Donald J. Trump for once in a long time. I tire of how often he is in the news and how often he is one messed up individual!

I want to talk about the Gaming Industry, Video gaming that is. New X-Box machines and Playstation machines, will hit the streets in 2019, when precisely, is not known to me. But, I wonder how do you really improve on gaming in HDR and on big screen high res screens like today’s HDTVs?

As to the games themselves, I personally went through Red Dead Redemption II, and loved every minute of it, the story is grand and the graphics are beautiful in all ways. I won’t give any of it away, but I will send out a big high five to RockStar games for producing such an epic story and game to play. The details in it are great and grand!

Once i finished Red Dead Redemption II, I went looking for new games to play in and find adventure and action in, I came up with two I am currently enjoying.

Call of Duty, Black Ops 4, is a fast moving games with great graphics and maps in it. Each level is challenging and fun to beat and move up from. The maps are great, especially NukeTown. I am not always a big fan of Call of Duty games, but this one is a lil better for multiplayer, online gaming, as the servers are monitored better and less nasty language is allowed. The play of the game moves quickly and it is all online now, I am disappointed in the fact they left out a campaign in this one. The campaign gave people a chance to get used to the controls and speed of the game and taught how to advance in it, without you dying every minute. Plus the story was always an adventure to see unfold. yet i will keep the game for it’s fast pace. It is great for quick games.

Next I found the new Assassins Creed Odyssey Game, after playing Origins and enjoying the adventure and mysteries and fighting in it, I decided I would get Odyssey and see how well they did it as a follow up. I loaded the game and found the controls are the same as in Origins and and the moves basic to all Assassin Creed games. The graphics and I will state this here I just looked at it, seem to me to me finely tuned and looking good. So Basically, I will get into it more later, when i have more time, gaming on on my X-Box for me is a break from the stress and tension os daily caring for a cancer ridden wife, as she sleeps off her chemo or naps otherwise, I play. I bought both games, Assassins Creed Odyssey and Call of Duty Black Ops on sale at Gamestop for under 59.00 dollars. So they should last me along time and give me some fun I am sure. As time goes on in 2019, The Division 2 should be out in April an dit may very well be the next video game i buy, time will tell, the Original The Division was fun and and I still have it.

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