Now is the time to save the American Republic and our Democracy!

We are heading toward a second shutdown of America’s government on February 15th unless Donald Trump gets his 5.7 billion dollars for a medieval wall on our southern border. Sadly, he isn’t as tech savvy as he thinks he is or he would never suggest a wall, it is useless, in today’s world. Already where walls exist, tunnels are dug under and they get in anyway. many will go over or under or around to get to American soil and Trump should wake up and realize it.

I remind Donald Trump the tech savvy and modern ways of protecting our borders are better and will do a far better job at it. Radar that is heat seeking will see bodies coming underground and above. Drones patrolling it manned by men and women will cover it well. The bottom line Donald Trump is this, we are not China and we don’t need a wall like their Wall of China on our southern border. It’s foolish and a waste of money.

If you shutdown the Government again, you will cause more suffering for more people than ever before in American history, do you really not care about anyone else, than yourself and your lousy 32 percent? You are President of the whole country Donald Trump not just your 32 percent of the population, you do understand that I hope. Or are you that blind and stupid that you don’t get it!

North Korea will not denuke, Kim Jung Un is laughing at you. The pullout of our troops, from Syria and Afghanistan and the Middle East countries is wrong. Isis is not defeated and will come back to haunt us and attack America again. Your being foolish and your a dangerous, incompetent President, listen to your security people and Intelligence teams. People are trying to help you and you don’t take advice, you think you know better than all. Why?

As you head to the State of the Union, you will lie and tell Americans we are better off then under Obama, and talk about the economy and jobs and security. Tell them also how we are losing the arms race to Russia, tell them how the jobs are only temporary, tell them how you are tariffing us out of the world economy and making us lag behind and making enemies of our allies. Tell them the truth Donald, you won’t because you think you can be re elected for 4 more years. I don’t think so.

On Tuesday you plan on a State of the Union Speech that you claim will be uniting in it’s type. The truth is you don’t unite at all, you destroy. When you finish your speech you are about to try to use Emergency Powers and make a Declaration and fund your wall on our southern border against the majority of America!

To the Democrats in the Senate and House, file in court and block it, and keep it in a blocked condition until Donald Trump is voted out in 2020. Lock him up in courts and keep fighting with all you got, we don’t need a stupid wall, we need leadership, we need smarts in the White House.

While your at it, put Donald Trump in the same position as Richard Nixon was. Leave him two choices, Resign or be Impeached. Write the articles of impeachment, publish them and walk them to the White House and hand them to him and tell him, Resign or be Impeached, now is the time to save the American Republic and our Democracy!

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