It’s time Donald J. Trump gets made the same offer Richard Nixon was given, Resign or be Impeached and charged and go to Jail!

Before the 2016 Election, America was perking right along, we had the arms race under control, we don’t now. We had job growth, we had friendships with nations globe wide, now we don’t. We had a President who wasn’t under scurinity, or legal trouble, or any other trouble. before 2016, we had a President who could go to the United Nations and not get laughed at, but listened to. Sadly today we don’t have a real President we have a security danger to the country in the White House and he is destroying America from within!

Does Donald J. Trump care about anyone other than himself? I sincerely doubt it, don’t you too? Look, I know there are die hard Trump supporters out there, I even have one in my family, but the fact is, Trump is the worse President to ever win the Office! He’s dangerous, and disgusting as a person and individual too. he runs around treating women like trash, grabbing them and is under investigation for harassing, and grabbing 16 women at least. yet people voted him in! Sad!

His record as a President is none existing really, he has accomplished nothing. Someone tell me what Donald John Trump has really accomplished since being elected President, because I am still trying find one accomplishment worth something to the American People!

His record and the facts show the following: 1) He lies to the American People daily at least 24 times a day. He has fired the most people ever from any Administration in American History, or had more quit, than any other also. Sad!

He has more people associated with him who have been indicted, convicted and imprisoned than any President in History. The numbers are staggering now. 8 Trump aids or campaign members have been indicted so far and more to come;
George Papadopoulos
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates  
 Michael Flynn
Alex van der Zwaan
Konstantin Kilimnik
 Michael Cohen
Roger Stone

Now add the following:
13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies
 12 Russian GRU officers

Next up as I see it coming:

Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump Kushner, Eric Kushner, and maybe Jerome Corsi and more.

Now here is something to consider for everyone, and it is one question all men and women should ask themselves, before they vote for Trump again; What kind of a man, ruins the lives of all the above people and puts his own family at stake, yes his own children, to get an Elected Office and doesn’t care, what happens to them?

As we close in on the State of The Union Speech to be given Tuesday in the House of Representatives, we the American People, will not be told the truth about the State of the Union, that’s number one. Number two, President Donald J. Trump will not speak about the above mentioned people, his involvement in directing them to do all they did to get him elected President. There will be no mention of The Mueller/ Russia Investigation come Tuesday night from Trump, it may be mentioned in the Democratic reply though.

Trump won’t tell you the damage his tariffs have done to the relationships with our allies Canada and Mexico or our European allies either. He won’t tell you, how North Korea is laughing at him, and Russia is building more weapons than ever before and he put us back in an Arms race again. He doesn’t want you to hear these things, he knows if you hear them, and check it all out for yourselves, the 2020 election for him is shot. well it will be shot for him anyway, he won’t make a second term, if he does, those who Vote for him, should be ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated to do it. He’s a disgrace to America, across the globe and here at home too.

No other President I remind you in america’s 242 year history and in the History of the United Nations has gone before the U.N. and been laughed at, Trump has. That alone should tell you he is a joke to the world.

Next he will give what he calls a Unifying Speech, as the State of The Union, then shortly after he will hit the most destruction and dividing speech in his Presidency and try to force through an Emergency Executive Order to Build a Wall on our Southern Border. I remind all we have survived 242 years without a wall on the border between us and Mexico. We don’t need a wall, we need technical border security and manpower! A wall is medieval and worthless, they will dig under, go over or go around by boat, and up the ante by upping the drugs in our ports and airports if a wall goes up. It’s that simple, it’s a waste of money!

If he tries declaring a National Emergency to get his Border Wall so he can have his name on it and have his legacy as Ann Coulter told him to, and believe me that is what this is all about, it’s about him having a Legacy, so people will look and go look Trump got his wall, it will be Trump’s Wall I am sure, but it will be useless, and expensive and Americans will pay for it.

The Democrats need to lock him up in the courts, to prevent his wall, fight the Emergency Directive in Court. Hold it at bay, until the 2020 election is over, and kill it. His Emergency Powers are not made or written so he can get his wall as he wants, show me a national emergency that’s real like an invasion, nope not there, like a war, nope not there, show me a real emergency that can’t be handled by Border Security Personnel or Technical Equipment. There is none folks, there is no National emergency on America’s southern Border it’s fabricated, so Trump can build a wall with his damn name on it and get a Legacy, because he can’t accomplish anything else worth while in office.

As it stands now he had two years with a Republican Held Congress, and never bothered to try to pass a bill or fund a wall, why now? Doesn’t it make sense to you, that if the wall was such an emergency and needed so much he would have done it while he had both Houses of Congress in his pocket? Common sense and logic says, oh I have all Republicans in place, I own both the Senate and House and I am a Republican President let’s build a wall? Instead, he did nothing, the Democrats took back the house and suddenly a cry for building a wall on the southern border begins to become a factor and he shuts down the government for 35 days to try to get it? As Ann Coulter and Fox News and Sean Hannity told him, “Mr. President if you don’t build a wall on the southern border you will have no Legacy!” All of a sudden he realizes he has no legacy folks, he can’t accomplish or do anything, and if Ann Coulter didn’t tell him, he would never have brought it up. It is indeed as Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and others have said a Vanity Wall he wants, he wants his name to live forever on a damn wall we pay for, when in fact he said Mexico would pay for it! The Mexicans were smart enough to tell him, no, they will not pay for his wall! So he now wants the american taxpayer you and I to pay for a worthless wall! Sad, all so he can save face, and put his name on it. It’s sad!

I can give you a version of the State of the Union that would be more realistic than anything Trump says right here. 1) The State of the Union is barely being held together and is right now going through the worse test in its history, it is being divided , by race, religion, and politics. It is divided by a racist, bigoted President and a foolish and blind Republican Party! 2) While jobs do grow, they grow not from anything Donald Trump has done, they grow from the past acts and the past Administration of Barrack Obama. 3) The pressure and tension and stress from the illegal acts and breaking of the laws of the land by an american President is killing America’s standing on the global scene in more ways than one. My State of The Union is true, while the market is rebounding right now, it is not due to anything Trump did, it is a natural rebound that would occur without him. As any economic mind on the planet will tell you, the economy runs on the basis of all things remaining the same, and when one thing changes or is effected, it will not tear it down, for the markets and the economy will adjust as long as all remain the same. Take an economic class in college and learn!

So when the State of the Union is given by Donald Trump Tuesday night, sit back and listen for key things, like how much good he’s done for jobs, then look for those jobs, see if you can find them. ask the farmers how they are doing and how many crops they are wasting and throwing away and how come they have to be subsidized by Uncle Sam, for those rotting crops they can’t sell. Ask yourself about GM shutting down factories or Ford laying off workers, ask about brick and mortar stores closing down and malls going empty. JC Penny, Sears, Kmart, and Macys all cutting back or gone! Why? Our malls are empty, our stores are closing, food prices are rising still and we still have no real healthcare coverage do we? Why? It’s simple, Trump doesn’t care about you or I, he cares about the Billionaires and Millionaires, who he gave all those tax cuts back to, like himself. Fill his own coffers at american’s expense, is all he cares about.

I said this before and I’ll say it once again, You want to stop President Trump, you can point fingers and accuse him of Russian involvement and collusion all day long, he laughs at you. Stop, and turn and indict Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump Kushner and Jared Kushner as well as Eric Trump and watch it turn then, He’ll react! Take out his children he put at stake in the election process he ran and he’ll react then! It’s time Donald J. Trump gets made the same offer Richard Nixon was given, Resign or be Impeached and charged and go to Jail!

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