Will you be listening, I won’t!

How far will Americans let Donald Trump go, as President? It is a question that needs to be asked at this point in time. The reason is simple, he is destroying America from within!

First how he got elected is totally illegal and in conjunction with Russia, his campaign was in contact with the Wiki Leaks Founder, and Russians while in progress. His Inauguration Committee is now under Investigation by the State of New York, for taking funds from private donors, breaking the laws.

Then we have the ongoing Russia Investigation, which Special Prosecutor MUeller is pursuing still. It includes investigationing, Obstruction of Justice, Misuse of Powers, Collusion and so much more. How far are Americans going to allow this man to go, before we pull the plug and tell him to Resign or be Impeached and removed.

He is more corrupt and dangerous then any President in American History, yet his die-hard base of around 35 percent of the population of America keeps backing him, why?

My thoughts on this matter, and why he is still President, point straight to MIchael Pence the Vice President. He is more than likely more dangerous than Trump and that is saying something for sure. Pence is a religious zealot, and more dangerous than Trump because he understands the workings of Congress, a lot better. He could do more damage than Trump if he gets a chance for he knows how Washington works. So, that 35 percent want to keep Trump in place, to prevent a Pence Administration from happening.

That said, tonight President Donald John Trump, will stand before the Congress, in the House of Representatives and give a State Of The Union Speech that will be full of shit in my opinion. He will say how much he has accomplished in two years time as President, which will be bullshit, for he has nothing to claim doing. He hasn’t accomplished anything really, except destroying america from within, by placing tariffs on countries who are our allies, fighting wit Mexico over the stupid wall he wants to build, and being made a fool by North Korea and Kim Jung Un. He pulled us from the Paris Accord, he wants to pull us from NATO, he is pulling our troops from Syria and Afghanistan, and leaving our allies to fight on their own and die. It’s sad.

As he gives The State of The Union tonight I suspect he will have the lowest audience in the history of said speech. No one wants to hear lies anymore and the american People are getting tired of it all that’s for sure. I know I am. I am tired of the destruction the illegality, the lies at a rate of 24 per day we get from Trump. Aren’t you as of yet, can you honestly say we are better off then when he began his Presidency, nope, no one can!

In the end let me say this, President Trump will probably not be Impeached, basically, because people are more afraid of Pence than him. All will depend on The Russia Investigation Report, and the facts released by Robert Mueller, in the near future. I know at this time, Trump’s Presidency is past it’s halfway point and it would take a long time to Write Articles of Impeachment and pass them in both HOuses of Congress. Which means to me, that even if the Articles are written and presented, they will run out of time on Impeaching him, his term will end first.

As to the Wall Fiasco, on our Southern Border in America, our charming President wants, I say no. There is no Emergency on our Southern Border, except Trump wanting to leave himself a Legacy at our expense. A wall will do nothing to stop drugs, nothing to stop illegal aliens, nothing for no one. They will dig under, go over or around it in anyway they can. Billions for a wall is worthless and a waste of taxpayer money! Just so Trump can put his name on it and call it his Legacy, nope, all because Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity told him, ” You don’t build the wall Mr. President you will have no legacy!” The Truth is the Democrats will fight him tooth and nail in the courts, for his Executive Order for a National Emergency will fail in the courts, and the wall will not be built. Stop the wall Democrats, hold him up in court, petition and sue for a fake emergency order, stop him. Tonight, wil be the night of the biggest lies in American History by an American President, and that President is and will be Donald John Trump! Will you be listening, I won’t!

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