Daddy Dearest, Donald John Trump! , No Wall!

Reviewing the State of The Union Trump gave last night, makes one wonder, why even try extending a unity call, when he lied about so many things and is still pushing false claims of the United States being invaded by immigrant caravans?

President Donald trump didn’t come into Tuesday nights speech thinking unity and compromise, he came into it thinking, this is my agenda and you will bend to it or I will force you too. there was no compromise in his speech, no offer of an olive branch and in the end no sense.

I find it amazing an American President can stand before Congress and give a State of The Union Address so filled with lies and bullshit, then, still press for a wall, that is worthless, and cry and complain about Investigations that are ongoing into his life and his politics and his campaign for President in the first place.

I believe what we witnessed last night in The State of The Union, is a President with limited ideas and ideals, a lack of empathy or care for the people he is supposed to represent, and a man running scared as the Russia Investigation closes in, the Southern District of New York is closing in, and he knows he is in the biggest trouble of his life and trying to only hold on.

I noticed he did shake Nancy Pelosi’s hand at the beginning, but did not gracefully acknowledge her return to the Speaker’s chair or position. No congratulations from Trump to Pelosi for her victory there.

I noticed the lies on the border and caravans coming at us, his call for unity was a fake one, as he cried about the investigations coming after him and asked they be dropped and said, nothing can be accomplished as they go on. It was a sad display by an American President on The state of The Union Platform in the House of Representatives. Even commentators were saying, this man is worse, than Richard Nixon ever was or could be. They are correct, he is more corrupt, has done more damage to America than any President in history, he is a lost cause actually for he knows absolutely nothing about compromise, or how to govern at all. When the television cameras pan across the House floor and show Mitch McConnell, looking like a grump, and not clapping as well as sitting and staring, with no reaction and looking like he was sitting on hemorrhoids, well, you know the speech sucked. It was sad to see.

As we move forward now, that Trump’s prime Time Performance of lies are over, we must steel ourselves for his next move if we are democrats or independents. I believe this man will try to declare a national emergency to get money for his southern border wall. He tried to set the stage for it last night in his speech, declaring millions of immigrants coming to our borders in caravans. It’s all crap, what the wall is about folks is simple, he has no legacy, no place to ang his name or hat on as President, he wants a wall so he can say, see it’s my wall, my names on it and I did build a wall as I promised, Ann Coulter. He has painted himself into a corner on this wall from that day, when Ann Coulter told him, “You don’t build the wall you will have no legacy!” He realized she is right, he has no real legacy and it is his attempt to leave a mark and a legacy behind is all, and it is worthless.

Last, as the Russia Investigation by Mueller continues to roll to it’s ending, and the Southern District of New York’s Justice Department digs deeper and deeper into the Trump Organization, his tax records, his family business and his children, Trump is feeling the heat, you can see it, and feel it in him. He knows what is coming and that it will come soon. that’s why he is crying for the Investigations to end now, publically, before Congress. Why else would an American President bring it to his State of The Union Speech, unless it was bothering him, and that is the facts.

I hope and pray that Robert Mueller, indicts Don Trump Jr. Ivanka Trump Kushner and Jared Kushner as well as Eric Trump. All are guilty of felonies against the United States and they did all they did for Daddy Dearest, Donald John Trump! What a great thing to do to your own children, right, you put them at stake of criminal prosecutions and criminal records and prison time, just to win the Presidency, sad!

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