Why is Donald John Trump still in the Oval Office?

Answer me one question America, Why is Donald John Trump still in the Oval Office?

Misuse of Power

Obstruction of Justice

Collusion with Russia

Lying Daily on Average 24 times per day to the american People

He has more people associated with him who have been indicted, convicted and imprisoned than any President in History. The numbers are staggering now. 8 Trump aids or campaign members have been indicted so far and more to come;
George Papadopoulos
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates
 Michael Flynn
Alex van der Zwaan
Konstantin Kilimnik
 Michael Cohen
Roger Stone

Now add the following:
13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies
 12 Russian GRU officers

Next up as I see it coming:

Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump Kushner, Eric Kushner, and maybe Jerome Corsi and more.

Investigations now by the Southern District of New York left and right. Pus Congressional Investigation now into his finances and businesses.

When is Enough, Enough, you tell me!

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