The Matthew Whitaker saga as Acting Attorney General will come to a close shortly.

The Matthew Whitaker saga as Acting Attorney General will come to a close shortly, and most probably with a thud, today. As he sits to answer questions from a Committee headed by Representative Nadler. He argued over whether he should be served or not served with a subpoena, as if it would make any difference to the committee or the American People, or his tenure as Acting Attorney General under Donald Trump, it wouldn’t.

Whitaker was never approved by the Senate or Confirmed by Congress, he was placed in the position by a President who has done so many illegal acts that he is now under so many investigations it is the saddest period in american history to date. That said, why was Whitaker picked by Donald Trump, what was his purpose that Trump wanted him to do? Why put an unqualified individual in a position of power in the Justice Department?

I am sure the Committee will question Whitaker on all of this and any actions he took as Attorney General and any interactions of conversations he had with Donald J. Trump as President. I am also sure Whitaker will try to claim Executive Privilege so he will refuse to answer any questions on his conversations with Trump. Yet what Whitaker may not understand, is the following, one, he will be found in contempt if he takes the fifth, or claims executive privilege, and he has about one week to ten days left in office. Once he leaves office as Acting Attorney General, he becomes once again a private citizen and will be then subpoenaed then, so you may as well answer the questions now. I am sure he will show up at 9:30 am today with a great Attorney by his side and his Attorney will claim or cry that the conversations fall under Executive Privilege of the President and he can’t speak on them. In the end it will fail though, for he will get called again once a civilian and if he doesn’t answer then, well jail time will come and what a fall from grace that will be, from Acting Attorney General to king of a jail cell.

The main questions I would ask Whitaker, 1) Why did Donald Trump choose you? 2) On what basis were you chosen and what conversations or promises were made between you and Donald Trump? 3) Do you understand not answering the questions of this Committee, puts you at risk for charges of contempt? 4) What qualifications do you have to be Attorney General of the United States?

IN the end the Questions will come and be fired at Whitaker today, and if he doesn’t answer right and honestly, he better know the committee is doing their homework and they are not only representatives in the House, they are also Attorney’s in their own right. No Attorney asks a question, they are not sure of knowing the answer to themselves, so if i were Whitaker I would answer, honestly, truthfully and not try avoiding anything. It will all come out!

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