What was Matthew Whitaker doing at the Trump Hotel

Matthew Whitaker the Acting Attorney General, does his appearance at the House Committee and argues with the Representatives over his answers, then is found the next day entering and exiting the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC?

Who did he see at the Trump Hotel and why? That is my question folks! As he was testifying to the committee I sat watching at home and said to my wife and myself, I bet he will run right to Trump and his people, bingo!

While he made his testimony, all an argument with the Representatives, he gave very few answers and I believed he lied to them too, bold faced. He refused to answer any questions about conversations he had with President Trump, period avoiding the questions and delaying the answers, till he ran the five minutes out on each Representative. His strategy worked really, they got very few answers and a lot of bullshit. Never in my time of watching hearings, have I ever seen a committee allow a witness to tell the hairmen his time was up! It was a sad thing to watch and see.

Will the committee recall Matthew Whitaker under a subpoena when he is out of Office as The Acting Attorney General? I hope they do and place him in a position of answer the damn questions, tell the truth, or face jail for Contempt of Congress. He will report all he knows of all investigations he has controlled or oversaw as Acting Attorney General to Trump in one method or another by phone, text,email or messenger or someway I am sure. So what was Matthew Whitaker doing at the Trump Hotel on Friday, the 8th of February 2019?

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