Will Americans give Trump another four years as President, or are you waking up yet?

As the candidates line up to run against President Trump, I wonder, is there one out there who has the guts to call Trump the crook he really is and the illegal bastard he is?

Is there a Candidate, who can stand up to Trump’s name calling tactics and his harassing style of campaigning? I saw Republicans fall one by one against Trump and his attacking style in the last Presidential Election cycle. Each Republican whilted under Trump’s pressure, it was a sad thing to see. Then he went head to head with Hillary Clinton, and cheated her out of the Presidency with Russia’s help along the way. It was sad and illegal but he didn’t care, he just wanted the Oval Office. He got it using Russian Rubles, and Russian help in all ways he could, he even had the guts to go on national TV and ask the Russians to find Hillary’s Emails for him, that was ballsy and he got away with it. Americans still voted for the most corrupt man in American History to ever hold the presidency, it wasn’t because they loved Trump, it was because they feared Hillary is all. And that is the bottom line for so many of the Trump Voters. The question now is simple with Hillary not running, this time around come 2020, what will people say or do now? I remind all, Hillary warned us all, Donald Trump is a Russian Puppet of Putin, no one listened!

We have had two years now of Trump and his illegal ways, and his crimes for all to see, from 1)Misuse of Power 2) Obstruction of Justice, 3) Breaking the Emolument Clause 4) Lying to the American People on an average of 24 times per day. 5) Six major players in the Trump Campaign Indicted and arrested and some convicted now. 6) Collusion with Russia is practically proven now, as Russian Agents are Indicted and Russian companies too. 7) He is pushing fear, anger and is really an incompetent President is all ways. He has placed tariffs on our allies in Europe and Canada and Mexico. 8) He has had babies removed from their parents at the borders.9) And he acts like a petulant manchild, trying to get his wall between America and Mexico. The Wall is not really needed to the tune of 5.7 billion dollars or anywhere near it. Repairing what is there is fine and adding what is needed is fine too as well as using technical improvements and personnel. But a 5.7 billion dollar wall is not. Does Trump realize that by building a wall on our southern border the way he will, he is alienating the Mexicans and putting a dividing line between us they will challenge everyday they can, along the way from now till it comes down again? Just wondering here!

Will we see more candidates crumble under Trump’s onslaught of bullshit and pressure and tension and him win a second term next, or will Americans finally stand up and vote him out come 2020, you tell me America, what will it be? Will Americans give Trump another four years as President, or are you waking up yet?

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