Do we as Americans allow him to keep doing so?

As President Trump throws false statements and false facts around about the Southern Border of the United States, and he persecutes blacks, and browns in America and separates children from their parents, do we as Americans allow him to keep doing so?

How many more crimes can Donald Trump commit against the American People and the American Government before he is finally brought to justice and forced to resign or be impeached?

His followers are blind loyalist, who he himself said would still vote for him if he shot someone dead on Manhattan Avenue in New York City. It’s sad really that people can be so blind. Didn’t they see him ask Russia to find Hillary’s emails during the 2016 election?

Before I go further here, let me get you some facts already proven, by just the Mueller/ Russia Investigation into the 2016 Election.
His record as a President is none existing really, he has accomplished nothing. Someone tell me what Donald John Trump has really accomplished since being elected President, because I am still trying find one accomplishment worth something to the American People!

His record and the facts show the following: 1) He lies to the American People daily at least 24 times a day. He has fired the most people ever from any Administration in American History, or had more quit, than any other also. Sad!

Now add the following: Indicted;
13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies
 12 Russian GRU officers

He has more people associated with him who have been indicted, convicted and imprisoned than any President in History. The numbers are staggering now. 8 Trump aids or campaign members have been indicted so far and more to come;
George Papadopoulos
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates
 Michael Flynn
Alex van der Zwaan
Konstantin Kilimnik
 Michael Cohen
Roger Stone

I said this before and I’ll say it once again, You want to stop President Trump, you can point fingers and accuse him of Russian involvement and collusion all day long, he laughs at you. Stop, and turn and indict Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump Kushner and Jared Kushner as well as Eric Trump and watch it turn then, He’ll react! Take out his children he put at stake in the election process he ran and he’ll react then! It’s time Donald J. Trump gets made the same offer Richard Nixon was given, Resign or be Impeached and charged and go to Jail!

The sad part of all of this is he is destroying The American Government from within, at the direction of Putin and Russia and he has tariffed our allies left and right also, destroying our relationships overseas. he is isolating America from the world

Backed out of The Paris Accord, backing out of NATO, Laughed at at the United Nations, being used and laughed at by North Korea and Kim Jung Un, pulling troops from Syria, Afghanistan and more in the middle east, against his Generals and Advisors advice and wishes. Is this really a President we all need?

Now he lies to Americans about El Paso, Texas, calls it a city of high crime rates before a wall or fence is built, even the people of El Paso tell everyone he’s lying and he does it anyway!

He lies about his rally in EL Paso having the bigger crowd, Beto O’ROurke had the bigger crowd folks by far. It’s sad to think that an American President can lie so much he begins to believe himself. Wow!

How much further must America be destroyed, and pulled from it’s leadership status it always had in the world before Americans react to it all?

  1. Andrew Johnson- Impeached for Removing Edwin Stanton as Secretary of War- 1868
  2. Bill Clinton for lying to the American People about an Affair with an Intern- 1998
  3. ) Richard M. Nixon-
    After the Watergate scandal in 1974 but, as it was near-certain that he would be removed from office, Nixon decided to resign before the impeachment process could be completed.

I submit to the American Public that none of the three President’s above had the guts or balls to do what Trump has done and gotten away with so far. Trump’s Crimes and Misdemeanors alone should be enough, add in Collusion, Obstruction of Justice, Misuse of Power, an Average of 24 lies per day to the American Public, his phoney tax plan and revision, that is costing average americans over 600 dollars a shot, well it is obvious to me he is a bigger criminal than all three above.

You want grounds for impeachment of President Donald John Trump well there there are in black and white for all to see! Sadly, Congress is afraid to step up and take action on Trump and his Presidency, why because they fear Mike Pence more than Trump. Mike Pence knows how to pass bills and write laws, and he has experience in Congress. That is why, Congress hasn’t impeached Trump and Trump knows it. Pence is a religious zealot who wants abortion killed, and more, his views are dangerous to women worldwide, not just in the United States.

I am hoping each day, that Mueller and the Russia Probe ends and is released to The American Public soon. I am hoping the State of New York’s southern District of the Judicial System charges and indicts Trump too and turns it evidence into to Mueller and the American People. Because once all is released and made public to the American People, then will they all understand why, Trump must go!

America is teetering and being rocked by the crimes and lies of Donald John Trump, he won’t stop unless Congress acts against him. If Congress and we the American People want Trump gone, we must now go to the next step, that step is simple, Indict Donald Trump Jr., Indict Ivanka Trump Kushner, Indict Jared Kushner and Indict Eric Trump too. Each one is guilty of felonies against the United States Government it is time to take them down and Trump too. Give Trump the choice Resign or have his children all indicted and charged and tried. See what he says then, I know he is unstable, more unstable than Richard M. Nixon was, Nixon at least had the brains to Resign, I doubt if Trump will at all. Donald John Trump will let his kids go to prison for him and it won’t bother him, he is a narcissist and will overlook it. Sad!

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