Don’t Shutdown the Government again!

Sadly, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter will come out saying Don’t take the Agreement Trump. If Trump listens to them the shutdown happens come Friday and 800,000 workers go without a paycheck again. Hannity and Coulter are Television hosts not politicians who care about the American People, period. They are going to push Trump right into a hole and a very dangerous action here. If Trump says no and doesn’t sign the agreement he best be prepared for what happens next.

The Air Controllers and Security Teams will stay home if you shutdown the government. Meaning your Border Patrol Agents won’t show up, your water ports won’t show up either, so it will make our security system and personnel non-existent, and make the country vulnerable to attacks from all sides. Are you willing to do that Mr. President, and do you really believe you can still get a better deal, I don’t! So many workers will not come to work Mr. President, what will happen to America’s Security then?

In the end Political Pride and Face is not the issue here Donald Trump. Your losing here and it will only get worse for you as you head into the 2020 Election Cycle. Sadly, in the end Elizabeth Warren is right, you may not be President by 2020, nor may you be a free man either. The Mueller led Russia Investigation is closing in, as are all the other Investigations led by the Southern District of New York’s Prosecutors Office. If i were President Trump I would be looking for a way to save my Presidency and my children too. The fight over the border wall is not worth it anymore Mr. President wake up!

I care not what the extreme right is saying or telling you, if you shutdown the government on Friday and try to blame the Democrats this time you will fail miserably an din the end, you will lose more support period. As your sitting now all you have left is your die hard base to back you, when your President and go to El Paso, Texas and hold a rally and a man not even running for the Presidency yet, in Beto O’Rourke gets 500 or more people, more than you, you are in trouble and should realize it now. Face the facts, you had two years with Republicans controlling both houses of government and still you didn’t get it done, I doubt very much you will now.

Your primary concern right now should be survival to finish your term, and to save your children from felony charges and prison time. If you don’t pay attention to them and what is coming, you will indeed be visiting them in prison. Will, Don Jr., Ivanka Trump Kushner, Eric Trump and Jared Kushner avoid felony charges and prison time? That should be your concern Donald Trump, because you put them in the position they are in now! They will get Don Jr. I am sure, his indictment is coming. The rest will depend on how far the Democrats, and the Southern District of New York really want to go.

As others have told you, Don’t ShutDown the Government again! If you don’t you can search for the money among the other departments and places. So If I were you and you believe you can find that money elsewhere, go for it. Do yourself a favor don’t shutdown the government again. The numbers are not in your favor Donald Trump, nor is public opinion or your favorability ratings!

Adding to the Agreement will only hurt you! The House and The senate must approve!

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