What else can an old man who served his country say or do!

Writing is not really an art folks, for some it is just a natural state of things they do, for others it is forced and hard because they push too hard, and for others in the end, it’s a way to let inner feelings out for the world to see without, them knowing who you really be.

Writers, write not because they have to, for profit, or to make a living, because if that were the case, there would be so many broke writers, out there, the unemployment lines would be full of us.

We write to let the stories out, we write for self pleasure and we write to entertain others. Many writers will write articles, stories, poems and more, and they will never be read, because no one is interested in the subject or the news article or the type of poems they write.

So, I have been asked by some why would I write so much and sell so little? Well, in my case I am not and will never be a english major nor do I have a degree of any type, except for an Associates in Hotel Management I earned at 40 years old. Grammer, punctuation, spelling and rechecking everything takes time and effort I really don’t have the patience for or time. So many writers hire Editors, and Marketing People to sell their books or outright pay Publishers to do it, I don’t have that kind of money folks, so I write and put my pieces, discussions, stories or poems on the Internet in a couple of places. 1) I take and try to edit my own stories and poems and then try to create ebooks out of them on Amazon Kindle E-books at https://www.amazon.com/William-McCurrach/e/B00CQMGTSM?ref=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000. My Articles/ Blogs I post at https://wordpress.com/view/macattack56.wordpress.com

Please do me a favor, take a look folks, check the blogs now and then, or try one of my shorts. I can’t make anyone buy a thing and I don’t price em high at all. My Ebooks are .99 cents on average and my Paperbacks are no higher the 3.99 a copy. My Blogs are free to all.

Am I asking too much, maybe I am. I am a 63 year old man, with a wife who is 16 years my senior and dying of Breast cancer. I have survived a rough childhood, a divorce and loss of two daughters, a Navy career that spanned 16 years till I was put out with injuries. Yes I am a Disabled Veteran with 6 herniated discs in my spine. But I ask, what else can an old man who served his country say or do!

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