Let’s get it soon and put it out Mr. Barr, we need the truth now! Vote no On Barr!

Yes Valentine’s Day is upon us for the Love Birds of the country and world. Candy sales will rise, roses will flow and men will embarrass themselves to save I love you, to their wife,girlfriend or lover, and whether you be straight, or gay, or trans, makes no difference, Valentine’s Day means something to you! So from myself, my wife, the two of us to all of you, no matter where you be, Happy Valentine;s Day !

Now that said and done, lets talk the coming possible Government Shutdown that Trump may start tomorrow. A Fact about this for all to learn and listen to here, 800,000 workers of the Federal Government were put out of work without pay, but the trickle down effects that happened affected many other businesses ad more than Uncle Sam is telling all of us. So, if it happens again tomorrow because Trump won’t sign the bill, be prepared for some massive response from the american People and a bill that will pass both Houses into law, that will be written to bypass, Trump’s Veto, by a majority vote in Congress both Houses. Congress doesn’t want a shutdown, the House doesn’t want one, the Senate doesn’t want one and the American People don’t want one either!

If Trump refuses to sign the bill to fund the government, then I suspect the 800,000 federal workers and all who will be affected, will be looking for soup lines and food lines once more, begging their landlords and mortgage writers to stay with them and let them keep their places to live. Car loans may default, bills will go unpaid and Trump will hold a private party and celebrate and tell his followers he won. No matter how you look at it, Trump is determined to build some kind of barrier or wall or fence on the southern Border, just so he can tell his followers he did it, he got his wall. No one needs the wall, no one is being invaded by immigrants, no one is bringing drugs across the Southern Border In huge amounts , they do bring drugs through the ports, airports, sea ports, that where the problem lies. No fence will stop what is happening with drugs or crime, they will tunnel, they will go around whatever you build, they will come over it too in anyway they can. Sadly, the picture that will be shown once Trump’s Wall of Barrier is built will be of a wall sitting there, with his name on it doing not a damn thing for anyone but him, because it will be Trump’s Wall and solve his vanity problem and as Coulter said his Legacy Problem too. He is just out to prove to Coulter and Hannity and The Far Right, he will have a Legacy with his name on it.

The truth is this, President Donald Trump, your legacy is one of Crime, Collusion, Misuse of Power, Obstruction of Justice, 37 Indictments, The Russia Investigation, Robert Mueller. It’s also the Southern District of New York, Investigation all your companies, all your finances, all your actions, that is your legacy. Your Legacy won’t be a wall you can put your name on Donald John Trump, but it may be and it is looking it now, a Tag as the Most Corrupt President in American History and the first one to ever collude with Russia to get the office, illegally!. You may not be walked out of the White House in an Orange Jumpsuit to serve time, but, you did put all your children, Don Jr, Ivanka, Eric and your son-in-law Jared Kushner at risk for Indictments and prison time if convicted and not even the rich Donald J. Trump has enough money to stop the Justice Juggernaut thats coming for them. You will see, even if you finish your term, that no money, no position, no political backing by your 35 percent will stop the Justice system. It’s coming!

To William Barr, the next Attorney General: As an American Citizen and a Taxpayer, I request and demand, that the full Report from the Russia Investigation be released to Congress in its entirety and to the American People. We paid for it, we encouraged it, and we want the information as soon as humanly possible. We the american People, and we are the 85 Percent who want it, say Release The Report all of it, Redact nothing or only, those items that would affect the National Security of the Country. We want to know, when Trump contacted the Russians, how he got the money from them, how he gave information to them, how his people did it and anything else that has happened. We have a Right to All of it!

Let’s get the Report, Let’s get The Results, let’s do what is right for America ! We want the Truth, we paid for it, and we deserve it!

Let’s get it soon and put it out Mr. Barr, we need the truth now!

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