Let me ask a Question for All?

Today is February 15th 2019, President Trump’s Deadline for his wall funding, and he is going to sign a compromise to keep the Government going today, but will not get his 5,7 billion for his wall. He intends instead to sign the funding bill then declare a national emergency or give an executive order to get the funding for his wall from other areas of the government. My question is this, can a sitting President using a Emergency Declaration or Executive Order actually move around fund that are already appropriated by the Congress?

Can a sitting President, with no war declared, no weapons being usd, no medical emergency, or no attack happening, just unilaterally make a decision, he wants a wall on the southern border of the United States and get away with it?

What is about to happen is simple Trump Declares a National Emergency, then he states where the money will come from and shows his hand, in writing to Congress. Congress then reviews it, and it is then up to Congress, to decide if the Emergency is real and deserves the outright funding. Trump does not understand that, it is Congress that controls the money and funding of anything, that’s number 1. Number 2 it is the House of representatives not the Senate or White House that holds America’s purse strings and appropriations in check or allows the spending. NUmber 3- The House of Representatives has a right to block or Veto by a majority any Declaration or Emergency Order from the President in Writing and by votes. Once the House says no and files in courts to block it as unconstitutional and unneeded, outlining the facts in point of why there is no emergency, the President will lose either in the supreme court or in Congress itself. For in the end how many Republicans in the senate already disagree with Trump’s Emergency on our Southern Border and how many are on the line already, with upcoming elections at stake in 2020?

If he declares a national Emergency for the funds for the wall he is in violation of the laws and the Constitution of The United States and Misuse of Powers, that becomes a cause for Impeachment. This President is already facing, The Russia Investigation to figure out how he won the Presidency in the first place, then add in the Southern District of New York’s charges and cases happening currently, add in Obstruction of Justice, Lying to the American People 24 times on Average a day and so much more, how far do you think even his Republican Senators will go to defend him, and risk their own careers and Senate Seats to do it?

Facts are facts and here is one no one pays attention to and should whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or Independent, Election cycles are real, that’s number 1, we the people are watching. Number 2, a wall is a medieval device, it will not work, El Chapo dug tunnels under them, he used submarines to deliver drugs by sea to america and so much more. A wall will stop nothing, but it would look pretty if it Says Donald Trump on it right? Are Americans supposed to pay for a man’s promise he made to his followers and voters, when the fact is the wall is worthless and a vanity deal?

The Democrats and house of Representatives Led by Nancy Pelosi, will file to stop this wall and funding transfer in both the course and in a resolution against it. By doing so, the democrats will stop Trump’s wall demands. Once The House files a resolution stating they disagree with the funding of President Trump’s wall demands, and funding for said wall, whether it is a Resolution of in the courts, in the end the wall will die and so will the funding fight for it. A Resolution by the House will force the Senate to take up a vote on whether the wall should be funded by taking money from Departments of the Government where is was already appropriated, they will deny it I am sure, for most of what he is trying to move around has been appropriated for the Department of Defense. Sadly, he will weaken out Department of Defense and the Defenses of the United states of America by doing this. Any Senator with brains and a mind of their own and some balls will know, Trump is wrong and Vote against his Emergency declaration or Executive Order.

To The Senate and house i say this, President Donald Trump had two years as President to try and get his wall put through Congress when he had both Houses on his side and never acted. Why is that? Simple, his own party knows the wall is a useless vanity device, like the 66 percent of Americans who are against it do too.

It is time, The Congress, both House, The Senate and House of Republicans, grow a set so to say and finally stand up and tell President Donald Trump no. If he wants a wall tell him to fund it with his billions, not the taxpayers money! He promised it saying Mexico will pay for it, Mexico told him where to go when he did. So why should Americans pay for a wall we don’t want?

Lets see Congress, both Houses, stand tall and say no to an American President who has had his way all his life and is spoiled rotten, and tell him No Wall!

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