It’s time to bring down The Trump Verse, The Donald World and bring back our country!

Like an Avengers Movie or a Doctor Strange Movie, or some kind of alternate reality, that is what it feels like to live in America today and watch the Trump Administration try to run it. It is like a warped reality cartoon or movie where nothing is correct or as it has been for 242 years!

Donald John Trump has not one accomplishment anyone can name, that he has gotten done and that has helped the American People! He vacations every weekend to go golfing and to hide in Mar A Largo, in Florida at the expense of the American People each time, why?

Now he has built a golf simulator in the White House, for himself? What the hell kind of president is this?

He comes out Declares a National Emergency, saying we are in a crisis on our Southern Border and tries to move money already appropriated and allocated to the Defense Department just for a wall? Whats even funnier is he says it during his speech to Declare his Emergency, he doesn’t really need to do it, but he is, so he can build a wall faster? Not an Emergency then Donald!

We are living in the Donald Verse now, an alternate reality where our President can do what he wants, when he wants, as he wants and have fun doing it right? Wrong and the Republicans in the Senate, including Mitch McConnell need to wake up and realize it’s a sad thing and a sad way to go backing this bullshit!

Soon, enough Robert Mueller’s report will come out, and you can bet Donald Trump knows it too. He thinks because he put William Barr in as Attorney General it won’t be released to us all. Well, it is being done and manufactured at the taxpayers cost and we want to see the entire report, not just parts of it. I think William Barr knows he will have to release it to Congress and the people too.

Roger stone has now been Indicted and gagged by a Judge not to talk anymore in public about his case or anything pertaining to the Investigations happening. Roger Stone was in contact with WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Russia, and the Russia Investigative Team led by Mueller now has the proof. So what’s next folks? To me this proves collusion or conspiracy to steal the American Election in 2016.

Trump’s record and the facts show the following: 1) He lies to the American People daily at least 24 times a day. He has fired the most people ever from any Administration in American History, or had more quit, than any other also. Sad!

He has more people associated with him who have been indicted, convicted and imprisoned than any President in History. The numbers are staggering now. 8 Trump aids or campaign members have been indicted so far and more to come;
George Papadopoulos
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates  
 Michael Flynn
Alex van der Zwaan
Konstantin Kilimnik
 Michael Cohen
Roger Stone Never mind all else that has been proven so far:

Now add the following:
13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies
 12 Russian GRU officers

Now that he has declared a National Emergency to get his Border Wall so he can have his name on it and have his legacy as Ann Coulter told him to, and believe me that is what this is all about, it’s about him having a Legacy, so people will look and go look Trump got his wall, it will be Trump’s Wall I am sure, but it will be useless, and expensive and Americans will pay for it. I remind all what Ann Coulter said recently, There is no Emergency at the Southern Border, the Emergency in America is in The White House , Donald John Trump!

The Democrats need to lock him up in the courts, to prevent his wall, fight the Emergency Directive in Court. Hold it at bay, until the 2020 election is over, and kill it. His Emergency Powers are not made or written so he can get his wall as he wants, show me a national emergency that’s real like an invasion, nope not there, like a war, nope not there, show me a real emergency that can’t be handled by Border Security Personnel or Technical Equipment. There is none folks, there is no National emergency on America’s southern Border it’s fabricated, so Trump can build a wall with his damn name on it and get a Legacy, because he can’t accomplish anything else worth while in office.

All of the above said here and now we also have investigations happening in The Southern District of New York’s Jurisdiction. Every business Trump has been a part of is under Investigation and being dug into now. I ask Congress and The American People here and now, isn’t it time to say Enough is Enough! Isn’t it time to take action and stop the most illegal, corrupt President in American History and give America back to the people, we need our country back, our ways back, of laws and justice and courage and strength and our positions in the world. Donald Trump has destroyed enough, lets act now and make him Resign or Impeach him!

Let’s get his children first for felonies along the way, Don Jr., Ivanka Trump Kushner, Eric Kushner and his son in law Jared Kushner too. It’s time to bring down The Trump Verse, The Donald World and bring back our country!

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