I suggest to William Barr as Attorney General !

Word out is William Barr the new attorney General may not release The Russia Investigation Report, done by Robert Mueller. If that is true and happens, William Barr, would have to be a Trump Supporter and a Stooge of Trump’s!

The american people paid for the investigation into Trump and his Russian connections, we deserve and want the full report, made public to us and Congress as fast as possible once it is complete!

On top of all of this, even if William Barr, decides not to show or release the report, the Southern District of New York is working overtime prosecuting and investigating from their end and I am 99 percent sure, they will release theirs.

So, if Barr doesn’t release, all he will do, is buy Trump some time, but he can’t save him. In the end the crimes and accusations are growing not decreasing against Trump and his family and how he got the White House. They are not going to disappear no matter how much Trump may want them to.

I suggest to William Barr as Attorney General, he not hide evidence and the reports from the american people or Congress. In case you didn’t notice Mr. Barr the nation is watching what you do here and in the end, it will color your legacy and reputation for the rest of your life and after you die. You will taint your reputation, and in the end go down in history as a Trump supporter and ass kisser !

Release the Entire Report to Congress and the redacted version to the media and the american people. Redact only the areas needed as to national security or, to protecting those not charged, accused or convicted or indicted. We the american people want the report and results and conclusions Mueller reached and why he did so. we want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but Mr. Barr. We paid for the Investigation and the report, give it to us, don’t hold back and protect President Trump and his family.

That said, we still have the following people already indicted and charge and or convicted in Mueller’s Investigation already:

Trump’s record and the facts show the following: 1) He lies to the American People daily at least 24 times a day. He has fired the most people ever from any Administration in American History, or had more quit, than any other also. Sad!

He has more people associated with him who have been indicted, convicted and imprisoned than any President in History. The numbers are staggering now. 8 Trump aids or campaign members have been indicted so far and more to come;
George Papadopoulos
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates  
 Michael Flynn
Alex van der Zwaan
Konstantin Kilimnik
 Michael Cohen
Roger Stone Never mind all else that has been proven so far:

Now add the following:
13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies
 12 Russian GRU officers

Now that he has declared a National Emergency to get his Border Wall so he can have his name on it and have his legacy as Ann Coulter told him to, and believe me that is what this is all about, it’s about him having a Legacy, so people will look and go look Trump got his wall, it will be Trump’s Wall I am sure, but it will be useless, and expensive and Americans will pay for it. I remind all what Ann Coulter said recently, There is no Emergency at the Southern Border, the Emergency in America is in The White House , Donald John Trump!

All of the above said here and now we also have investigations happening in The Southern District of New York’s Jurisdiction. Every business Trump has been a part of is under Investigation and being dug into now. I ask Congress and The American People here and now, isn’t it time to say Enough is Enough! Isn’t it time to take action and stop the most illegal, corrupt President in American History and give America back to the people, we need our country back, our ways back, of laws and justice and courage and strength and our positions in the world. Donald Trump has destroyed enough, lets act now and make him Resign or Impeach him!

Let’s get his children first for felonies along the way, Don Jr., Ivanka Trump Kushner, Eric Kushner and his son in law Jared Kushner too. It’s time to bring down The Trump Verse, The Donald World and bring back our country!

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