Don’t be a Blind Loyalist Anymore! Wake up America!

Awaiting like all Americans the results of the Russia Investigation as headed up by Robert Mueller. In doing so I can’t help wonder why so many are trying to downplay the results that might be released to Congress and the American People. I say this because I have seen the reports of, we may not see the results, due to the Attorney General not releasing them, or that Barr may only release a four page letter about it all.

Sadly, if either of the above becomes true, there will be fire and brimstone and a lot more. The American People paid for an investigation into the Russian Involvement in the 2016 election for a reason. We want the answers, we want the truths and we want them as soon as possible, once Mueller is finished, in their entirety.

While we await these results, The Southern District of New York continues it’s investigations into all that is Trump. His businesses, his finances, his family, his friends and more. Now before anyone says this is too much, or it shouldn’t be, I say bullshit your wrong. Trump, worked with Russians, through Manafort and Stone to win the Republican Nomination and the Election of 2016, the proof is out there and being assembled, now. The sad thing is no one believed Hillary Rodham Clinton when she told the world on public television during the Debates that Trump is a puppet of Putin! For in not believing her, or being so afraid of her becoming President, you all stuck us with the worse President in American History ever.

I get the idea, Hillary scarred all of you, you didn’t want a woman president, you didn’t want a Clinton again, you didn’t trust her or whatever you wish to say, but you blew it and now we as Americans are suffering for that mistake. Is it right, nope, can it be changed yes, it all depends on what happens next.

The way I see it right now is this. We will never get a Hillary Clinton Presidency, so can’t change that one, but, we can stop Trump. We have some choices here, America wake up.

As some are saying with the Russia Investigation Report coming we can try to Impeach Trump, but the timing is wrong and the report took too long to complete and so will the proceedings if you ask me. So Impeaching him is not really an option at this point.

We can demand Congress force him to Resign, but again, Trump will resist and the Republican Senate will back him and it will be an uphill battle, which I doubt, will win. Too many Americans refuse to believe the truth and even with the evidence of Trump’s involvement and how he got the Russians to help him, many still cry and support him.

So what choice do we have left, I will tell you here and now. The most brilliant choice America is simple, we allow Trump to complete his term and block all he tries to do. we allow no crazy changes on any level domestically and in foreign affairs we watch all very closely. Trump has taken us from a position of strength and dignity, to one of weakness and vulnerability. in under one term in office. he has torn down decades of work done by former Presidents and Congresses and exposed America to dangers from abroad and at home. he should not be allowed alone with any leader of another nation, period.

Look I know he is making a trip to Hanoi to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, but he failed the first time and he will fail a second time, Kim Jung Un got what he wanted and won the first round and he will win the second too. Kim Jung Un wanted a seat at the big boy table with the major powers of the world, and he got it by sitting down with Trump. Kim Jung Un now is a part of the Nuclear World Powers, and he knows it and if Trump thinks he will give it up, he won’t. I wouldn’t either if I were Kim Jung Un and North Korea no matter what others say or offer me. Kim Jung Un will get help from Russia and others and our sanctions will be worthless and just a pain in the ass to him is all. He will not give up his nukes, they put him on the world stage and he will stay there.

That said, we will await The Reports from both of the above Investigations into Trump and Russia’s involvement in American Politics and our Elections. We have no choice as civilians that’s for sure, for it is how our country works and our systems works. We depend on our systems to work, The Justice Department, The Executive Branch and The Congress itself, and they need to do their jobs in full.

Congress needs to act, they need to write the Articles of Impeachment and prepare for what is coming. While the Senate will sit on its hands and protect President Trump because they are all Republicans, the Democrats can write the Articles and prepare the way.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, needs to be voted out of his seat in The Senate come 2020, for his lack of reaction and his protection of the most corrupt President in American History. The People of Kentucky should see now, that Mitch McConnell is not doing his job and protecting Kentuckians or Americans he is Protecting a Corrupt President! Kentucky will lose mines, and money and jobs under Trump and McConnell. It is currently happening today.

As we prepare this week for Michael Cohen to testify before Congress in Washington, DC this week, we should prepare to hear some shocking things. I am sure Cohen has information on Trump’s personal and business life that will shock Americans and the world. His information alone on Trump’s behaviors and his way of dealing with people should be enough, but, he is going to give details of payments to women, dealings with Trump Organization personnel and family during the Election and after it too. He will delve into all he knows Trump was doing during the Campaign itself and ordering done. Be Prepared folks, it’s coming!

As we now know, Roger Stone has been gagged by the court, and told to stay quiet now after posting pictures of the Judge in his case online. The Judge herself told him, she didn’t believe his excuses and stories. Now the real question is how long can Roger Stone keep his mouth shut, before he slips up one more time and ends up in an orange jumpsuit behind bars like Manafort? And as the pressure mounts on Stone, how long before he breaks and talks and tells all he knows about Trump, to save himself from dying in prison too.

Manafort is done and so will Stone be too unless he makes a deal and talks to save his own ass.Will Roger Stone talk, we shall see!. As it sits now, because Manafort continued to lie and not help Prosecutors , he is facing life behind bars till he dies. The man is 69 going on 70 years old and still sticks to his loyalty to Trump bit. If Manafort or Stone believe Trump will Pardon them they will be disappointed in that one. Manafort will face state level charges and I am sure the same will be set up for Roger Stone, so if Trump tries to Pardon either they will be charged and tried and convicted again. Sadly, they are not smart enough to realize that Trump can’t save them and won’t save them, they are giving up the rest of their lives for Donald J. Trump and being used by Trump! Sad!

I remind all once more:
Does Donald J. Trump care about anyone other than himself? I sincerely doubt it, don’t you too? Look, I know there are die hard Trump supporters out there, I even have one in my family, but the fact is, Trump is the worse President to ever win the Office! He’s dangerous, and disgusting as a person and individual too. He runs around treating women like trash, grabbing them and is under investigation for harassing, and grabbing 16 women at least. yet people voted him in! Sad!

His record as a President is none existing really, he has accomplished nothing. Someone tell me what Donald John Trump has really accomplished since being elected President, because I am still trying find one accomplishment worth something to the American People!

His record and the facts show the following: 1) He lies to the American People daily at least 24 times a day. He has fired the most people ever from any Administration in American History, or had more quit, than any other also. Sad!

He has more people associated with him who have been indicted, convicted and imprisoned than any President in History. The numbers are staggering now. 8 Trump aids or campaign members have been indicted so far and more to come;
George Papadopoulos
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates
 Michael Flynn
Alex van der Zwaan
Konstantin Kilimnik
 Michael Cohen
Roger Stone

13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies

 12 Russian GRU officers

Next up as I see it coming:
Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump Kushner, Eric Trump, and maybe Jerome Corsi and more.

Now here is something to consider for everyone, and it is one question all men and women should ask themselves, before they vote for Trump again; What kind of a man, ruins the lives of all the above people and puts his own family at stake, yes his own children, to get an Elected Office and doesn’t care, what happens to them?

No other President I remind you in America’s 242 year history and in the History of the United Nations has gone before the U.N. and been laughed at, Trump has. That alone should tell you he is a joke to the world.

I said this before and I’ll say it once again, You want to stop President Trump, you can point fingers and accuse him of Russian involvement and collusion all day long, he laughs at you. Stop, and turn and indict Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump Kushner and Jared Kushner as well as Eric Trump and watch it turn then, He’ll react! Take out his children, he put at stake in the election process he ran and he’ll react then! It’s time Donald J. Trump gets made the same offer Richard M. Nixon was given, Resign or be Impeached and charged and go to Jail!

I hope if he completes his four year term as President he will not be reelected, and on the day he is replaced with another President, he is arrested and charged and tried in court and convicted. I hope for all he has done to destroy America from within and in cooperation with Russia, he is tried and convicted and put away. But time will tell is all I can say, and will America, do something about The worst President in it’s 242 Year old History?

The last man to do such damage to America before Trump, is Benedict Arnold in the Revolutionary War. I remind all Arnold turned on America and gave secrets to the British during the War. What happened to Arnold should happen to Trump, he needs to be forced from America, and made to go live in Russia and to be wiped from the history books as a President and labeled a Traitor in my opinion. Donald John Trump is in fact the biggest danger to America, in its whole 242 year old history.

Oh and for those who will raise their voices and tell me I am crazy, I don’t know what I am talking about, or anything else, read the evidence, listen to the reports, keep an open mind and realize, what is happening. he isn’t bringing jobs, building factories, or expanding America’s economy, he isn’t creating Health Care for All, He isn’t helping the american Farmer, he isn’t doing a damn thing!. He cried Obama play golf too much, he plays golf three times as much. He distracts, diverts and deludes people and then gives hate speeches to the public filled with lies. And still his 35 to 38 percent back him 100 percent! Blind Loyalist are all they are.

Don’t be a Blind Loyalist Anymore! Wake up America!

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