As CNN Says, Split Screen Day!

Yesterday, Michael Cohen went before a closed panel, and talked about Donald Trump, and many learned new things about Trump.

Today Michael Cohen will be before a committee, live in TV in less than two hours, answering questions on Trump and what he knew when about what. The committee is not allowed to ask about Russia’s involvement because it is included in Mueller’s Investigation, but you can be sure, Cohen will bring some of it to light for all to see.

I believe we are about to see an historic day in America once more and nothing Trump can do in Hanoi, Vietnam can change it, or distract from it all. I know Trump says he wants to get a nuke treaty with North Korea, but Kim Jung Un is not about to give up his nukes and every expert we know, knows it too. it’s a distraction and Trump will try to use it to distract and divert attention from Cohen, in anyway he can.

Sadly, Americans will finally hear and see many things Trump knew, how Cohen knows it and what else Cohen can reveal. As it happens today, and Trump Loyalist and supporters hear it all publicly displayed and spoken by Cohen, I wonder now, how many Supporters and loyalist will stay with Trump and back him then?

If Cohen’s testimony on television doesn’t move the loyalist and supporters Trump still has, I say this to all, Cohen is not going to be the only one you’ll hear from. After Cohen you will be hearing from The Russia Report by Mueller soon enough, then will come the State of New York’s Southern District charges and indictments and more. I am sure by the time it is all compiled and completed in coming out, you and i will both know just how criminal and illegal Trump really is.

Cohen’s testimony that started yesterday, and will finish Thursday, will shock, startle, illumenate and let Americans see and hear for themselves what really happened and went on during the 2016 elections run up and campaign. It will show that Donald J. Trump and his family were involved with Russians and connected to it all and knew all that was going on. America will finally see how Hillary Clinton was right, Trump is a Putin Puppet and she told all of us that publicly and no one listened, we should have. Because so many hated Hillary Clinton and feared her and wouldn’t Vote for her, we are facing the blackest moment in America’s history now!

As today unfolds across america and the world, you will hear Cohen’s side, his words, his truth, and at the same time as CNN says, you will see and hear Trump in Vietnam with Kim Jung Un, trying to distract and divert the attention. I worry first and foremost is trump will give Kim Jung Un what he wants without getting anything in return just to divert, distract and change the days news and information. We shall see for sure, the trip to Vietnam by Trump should never have been allowed to happen at this time, Congress should have blocked it or defunded it, or something, for the danger is real that Trump will give the North Korean Dictator, something big to change the news story of Cohen’s Testimony, and if he does, does America get locked into an Agreement made by a corrupt, illegal President? You Tell me!

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