What happens then to the Trump Loyalists and Supporters?

Ok, the first round of the Michael Cohen saga has ended after three straight days of testimony. The real question that remains is what did we learn from it all and what can be done with it all and in the end, what will the Democrats do with it and how will the Republicans handle it all?

I wish, I could give definitive answers to the above questions, but from talking to people in Connecticut here, I don’t see any action being taken on either side, a lot of talk no action.

The way I see this is simple, Trump broke laws as President and is still breaking laws today. He fails to back American Positions against dictators and enemies of ours. He sides with Putin, KIm Jung Un, Durante, and other dictators and does nothing to stop their rule or mistreatment of their people. But, besides all of that, he has no real progress or accomplishments at home or abroad period that amount toa damn thing. You tell me if you can see any that have helped America, or our people or advanced anything decent for all.

While Michael Cohen is trying to speak truths before he goes to jail for his crimes and lying is one of them I remind all, all the Republicans could say to Cohen and they repeated it a million times, your a liar. That didn’t move anything forward in any of these investigations or help the country. Sadly, they are still in the blind loyalty mode and following mode they keep following Trump. As Trump said, ” He can shoot someone on a Manhattan Street and not lose one follower.” Why, simple, he set himself up that way by, picking Mike Pence as his Vice President. Why do I say this, I will tell you here and now.

Mike Pence is a religious zealot, who wants to stop women from having abortions, which I am not fully in support of myself, but I do believe it should not be the Government that controls a woman’s body or rights, but the women themselves. The second problem with Mike Pence is simple he is more dangerous then Trump can ever be if he became President. Pence know how Congress works, he can write a Bill or Law and he can get them passed is necessary, Trump can’t. So from a powerpoint Pence would be deadly to America and the Republicans too if he ascended to the Presidency.

I had an argument with someone and i found a few things out about how Trump backers and supporters think these days. As Micheal Cohen sat before Committee after committee in Washington telling how Trump works and what he does, and how he lies and cheats and cons all, people reacted in two ways. The Trump supporters when told hey Trump is lying, he has committed crimes greater then Nixon’s, they react with the following, they all lie, is their defense. When you tell them of his crimes they cry, I can’t believe Cohen because he lies and is convicted of lies, and crimes already. Excuse me Trump followers, your President Lies to you on average a dozen times minimum per day. The only reason Trump is not convicted is because he is President, period, it protects him under our laws, he can not be indicted or charged while in office.

Sadly, as he continues to lie to us daily on a dozen lies per day, and has signed checks in The Oval Office to pay off Porn Actresses and Playboy Bunnies, he has made all who work for him liars, and cheats and criminals too. Is this really the President we want in Office now or in the future I think not. But, if you talk to a Trump Supporter he is Mr. Perfect and just what we need. In fact he is just the opposite. He inflate shis wealth or deflates it for his own purposes cheating Uncle Sam out of money, yearly for tax purposes. Yet, he gets away with it, because he won’t release his tax returns like all other Presidents before him.

Look, I have listened to the Trump Supporters, say, he is bringing jobs to America, please where, show us! Then I have heard him crow and screw and yell about our southern border being under attack, by caravans of people from other nations. Wrong those people are coming here for help, not to attack us.

The way I see this now is simple, his blind loyalist followers will back him as far as they can, and this will end in one of two ways. First way is he will be either Impeached or forced to Resign by Congress. If that doesn’t happen and it may not because of the fear of pence behind him and the evidence may not be strong enough yet. The Second choice is america will ride out his four years in Office and in November 2020 he will be voted out of office, if he even is allowed to run again by the Republican Party who can just deny him the Nomination, even if he is a sitting President. He may become the first President in American History, to complete his term and then be charged and tried and convicted as a civilian.

Soon enough we shall hear from Robert Mueller and The Russia Investigation and the finding they have. If they don’t climb to IMpeachment level on the political side and he survives that storm, the Southern District of New York is gathering evidence and charging and will be arresting many. he will answer in one way or another because he faces so many charges and so does all his organizations and businesses. When the Southern district of New york finishes compiling their charges and evidence, they will make sure it will outlast any expiration dates. So he will face charge either as President and get a chance to get Pardoned by Pence or face convictions and jail time in the end anyway.

He hooked the weak, the uneducated and the needy with his rhetoric and bullshit and then stole the election using Russian Rubles and help. In the end it will all come out and when it does what happens then to the Trump Loyalists and Supporters?

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