Answer that one and we can worry about Trump and his assine shit later, matters more important are at stake now!

I sit at home and watch news on television or look at CNN and MSNBC and FOX as well as reading websites online and wonder, with all the news reports and stories and videos of, crimes committed by those associated with President Donald John Trump, and wonder how far will America let him go?

Illegal Campaign acts and violations all over the place, individuals all associated with Trump, indicted, arrested, tried and convicted, some jailed. Then you add in the Russia Investigation, and the numbers add up more as the Russians indicted climbs, from agents of the KGB to Putin. Doesn’t t make you wonder no matter who you are, just what the hell is happening and who is in charge and why?

We use elections to choose our Presidents and i notice and know as should all Americans, the popular vote means nothing in America what counts now is the electoral college voters. America has put the power in the hands of a few Americans period, and they were persuaded and convinced by Russian ads, propaganda and russian rubles and we got Donald John Trump, a man who kisses the asses of Dictators, Autocrats and more. Sadly, the whole country is hurting due to this practice of American Politics and the Election laws and Trump and Russia saw it and took full advantage of it all. They ran ads on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and more for Trump and against Hillary Clinton and America’s gullible took them to heart and elected who they wanted Trump. It’s really sad to see.

The Russians know Americans weak spots, they are not stupid, case in point the great abortion debate in America. We have American Politicians who believe a woman should have all rights to decisions regarding their own bodies. Others will fight till the day they die over abortion period calling it murder! The truth is a woman is carrying the child, it is her body that goes through the changes, is a woman is raped or gets pregnant by accident or unintentional, shouldn’t they have the right to abort if they want. Yes the father does have a say if he is still present or knows of the child and yes he should have a say, but even the American Justice system leaves it up to the woman today, up to a certain time of the pregnancy. Because of the divides over Abortion, Security like the Border Wall, we have divisions in color, race, and sex in America. We fight over issues other countries don’t, we get involved and it erupts in nasty divisions.

I watch war zones go crazy, terrorist come back in different forms and America polices the world and helps everyone else, but who helps America? We fought our own Revolutionary War and in the end who helped us out, France only. Then we moved on and killed each other north and south, in America’s Civil War, the end result the african Americans were freed. We moved on again and faced World War 1 and 2, we sent our men to fight the wars in other nations to overcome the German and the Holocaust and Communism. We bailed out England and Europe and today all of that is forgotten as Europe barrels back toward communism and erratic behavior. Sadly, America today is not in any position to help in these areas for we are fighting off internal wars, politics of our own and terrorists.

We moved on again and ended up fighting in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, millions upon millions of Americans died fighting for freedom in these places and yet, we lost and left in the end. We couldn’t overcome the odds and the distance no matter what our military might may have been.

We carried on and took the loses we had, we tried to recover, but at home we faced Watergate and Richard Nixon, corruption and crimes. We still suffer from the Watergate era and have never really recovered from it folks it’s a fact, it permentates every American Political Day in America. We then had the Clinton Years and saw WhiteWater and Lewinsky scandals and went what the hell and left Clinton in Office who did some decent things for 8 years of work.

Then finally we broke the color Barrier and Elected Barack Obama as President. He served us 8 years and is now constantly put down by Trump left and right. The fact is Trump hates Obama and wil till the day he dies, for Obama embarrassed and humiliated Trump publically. From the day Obama fought back, showed his birth certificate and called Trump out it’s been a war by Trump to destroy anything Obama accomplished or with his name on it. Trump acts like a ten year old in this regard and is nothing but vindictive and childish in his actions of trying to eradicate all things Obama did. Yet, Trump is the most illegal and worst President to ever hit the White House.

His lies started day one when he was Inaugurated, and argued about the size of his crowd watching. He couldn’t face the fact his crowds watch him sworn in were smaller then any modern day President in History. Then his lack of abilities, lack of morals and ethics come into play. and people were fired or left the White House and his Administration left and right, the numbers are staggering.The Illegal acts, the nepotism, the attacks on others and his inability to stand up against dictators and autocrats is sad. What happened to America First, what happened to patriotic duties and beliefs in America? They disappeared under Donald John Trump for sure.

America now faces a crossroad, of falling further into the depths or climbing out of it all. The Investigations range from The Russia Investigation, to Michael Cohen’s Testimony, to The southern District of New York, investigating all thing Trump owns and has, and his finances. How far will it go and will it end in Trump’s resignation or Impeachment?

I doubt it will, but I also doubt he will see a second term for he has America dead in the water spinning it’s wheels internationally and domestically at home. He has increased racial divides, political divides and much more, in just over two years in office. Sadly, America is so divided that to talk politics in public is scorned upon now and fights break out over it all the time. It’s a sad sight to see. When will America recover from the Trump years and come back, we can’t be sure for too many can’t see what is happening and prefer to blindly follow like blind loyalist, falling into a ditch they do it. I have seen it now for over two years, you mention Trump and a war erupts between people, on his actions, his plans his ideas and ways of speaking to people. He foments hate, he foments divides, he ignites anger and icites people not units them. Whites fight blacks, gun deaths rise, and jobs disappear and people can’t pay for rent. Food costs rise and in the meantime Trump and his billionaire friends get more back from taxes and profit at the middle and lower income classes, in America.

Look I know many will go, this man is crazy, he doesn’t know what he is talking about, he’s loopy or off his rocker, but I am not. Take a good look around, listen to each other folks, listen to the conversation, watch the white fight the blacks, the browns fight the blacks and whites and the jobs slowly going south and people struggling. Look and see the companies disappearing, GM laying off , Ford, Utility companies, factories disappearing and brick and mortar stores. Then do me a favor and stop, sit back, take a deep breath and tell me, one real thing Trump has accomplished in over two years in Office as President. There is no true accomplishment to be named and we all know it.

As we close in on 2020 and the Election Cycle once again, Americans better start thinking or their futures of their children and grandchildren’s futures too. The environment is changing, climate change is real folks, and if we don’t react the planet we live upon will reject us all as humanity. Then where do we go, I ask because what I am saying is true, as species die off because their habitats are disappearing due to man made pollution. The Ice at the poles is melting folks the waters will rise and the land masses will reduce and in the meantime mankind will keep exploding it’s population and the food will disappear too. What then folks, where do we go, what do we do then, when there is less land mass, less food and more humans on the planet. These are the issues of the world’s future I am speaking here not just America!

If Mankind can’t listen to the scientist we have who know and track the truth, nothing else will matter anymore soon enough 30 years from now will there be a planet earth that is livable for humanity anymore, you tell me?

Changes have got to start now to fight climate change, changes have to happen in America to kill the anger and fighting and shootings between races, it is time to unite not divide folks. Color, race, Origin doe snot matter, nor, will politics folks, what will matter is how do we stop climate change and save the planet we live on? Answer that one and we can worry about Trump and his assine shit later, matters more important are at stake now!

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